[AL-Directors] NCES Academic Libraries Survey: Coming November 5, 2008

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NCES Academic Libraries Survey:  Coming Soon!
Every two years the National Center for Education Statistics collects basic statistical data from college and university libraries.  That will happen again in Fall 2008 and the data collection will again be Web-based as it was in 2006.  The general plan is as follows:
.        October 2008:  Each academic library director will receive a letter containing a registration certificate that shows a User ID and password for the library.  The director will be asked to indicate a "key holder" who will use those codes to enter the library's data.
.        November 5, 2008 - to February 25, 2009:  The Web collection application will be available at http://surveys.nces.ed.gov/libraries/als.
.        As soon as possible after the data collection period ends, 2008 data will be available in the NCES Compare Academic Libraries Web Tool.  That tool is available now, using 2006 data at http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/libraries/academic.asp.
Sometime later, summary reports (First Look and Supplemental Tables) will be posted on the NCES Web site.  That report will contain tables describing academic libraries.  The tables present results by various groupings, such as enrollment size and Carnegie category.  A print-only copy of the ALS 2008 form and instructions is posted on the NCES Web site at http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/libraries/AcaRRQuestDefs.asp.   Also on that site is a description of changes from the 2006 form to the 2008 form.  The Advisory Committee of academic librarians works with the ALA Office for Research and Statistics to assist NCES with the Academic Libraries Survey.  The Office for Research and Statistics Web page has a list of current members of the Advisory Committee plus a list of the NCES Library Representatives in each state at http://www.ala.org/ala/ors/statsaboutlib/statisticsabout.cfm.  

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