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The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) released a new, concise 5-year strategic plan for their federal agency this week. This document will mainly be used as a general guide to “frame how IMLS will advance, support, and empower America’s libraries, museums, and the communities they serve.”


The plan focuses on four goals for the IMLS for 2018-2022:


1.      To promote lifelong learning

2.      To build capacity

3.      To increase public access

4.      And to achieve excellence.


You may recognize a lot of overlap with the State Library of Oregon’s own goals from our Library and Technology Services Act (LSTA) 2018-2022 Five-Year Plan, which is of course a good thing. J And I think “achieving excellence” in Oregon should go without saying, am I right?


The IMLS will be hosting a series of three Twitter chats January 17, 24, and 31 to share more info about their plan and to gather feedback. I encourage anyone with interest in policy and grant making at the national level to participate in those conversations! Just watch for hashtag #IMLS2018.




Ross Fuqua

Data & Federal Programs Consultant

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