[Ctegrants] CTE Grants and "high wage and high demand" occupations

Kate Newhall kate.newhall at state.or.us
Thu Dec 22 17:15:20 PST 2011

The following is a message from Tom Thompson at the Department of Education in response to questions he is hearing about grant requirements: 
The CTE Revitalization Grant RFP focuses on supporting career and technical education programs of study that lead to *high wage and high demand occupations*.  

We have had several questions about this requirement.  For the purpose of the grant, ODE used the definitions for high wage and high demand developed by the Oregon Employment Department.  These definitions are relative to each region in Oregon.  When developing your proposal, you may want to consider both regional and state data.  The Oregon Employment Department data is updated every two years and captures the most complete picture possible.  However, actual numbers may differ from projections because of factors that are difficult to predict.   You may also want to discuss employment needs with your business and industry partners.  When addressing high wage and high demand occupations in your proposal, it is reasonable to use Oregon Employment Department data as well as local information and data provided by your business partners.

In addition, the recording of the CTE Revitalization Grant Webinar has been posted.  All grant-related information can be found at www.ode.state.or.us/go/ctegrant.  The webinar is a good overview of the grant, its requirements and the RFP.  

Tom Thompson
Specialist, Industrial and Engineering Systems
Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation
Oregon Department of Education
255 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR  97310
tom.thompson at state.or.us 

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