Occasionally we include information on this list that is not specific to CTE grants.  Here are two new opportunities that may be of interest.


The Oregon Department of Education Office of Assessment and Accountability has released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for schools interested in applying for performance assessment demonstration site grants (for more information see the Purpose section in the RFQ).  The RFQ will be used to develop a list of schools qualified to receive the grant application. Across all sites, more than $500,000 in grant funds will be distributed.


What does the school need to do to respond to the RFQ?

School administrator:

·         Completes the cover page and assurances

·         Answers 3 short questions to inform how ODE develops the grant application (response not to exceed 1/2 page total)

·         Answers 10 short questions (response not to exceed 3 pages total)

A teacher or team of teachers:

·         Answers 2 short teacher questions (response not to exceed 1/2 page total)


Concise responses are strongly encouraged; the estimated time required to respond to the RFQ is 5 hours.


What is the deadline?

Monday,  April 11th, 2pm.


Why should a school respond to the RFQ?

The RFQ is a quick process to develop a list of schools qualified to apply for a performance assessment grant. The process of responding to the RFQ also is an opportunity for schools to reflect on their assessment capacity, efforts towards educational equity, and instructional leadership. In addition, responding could help the school staff gauge the level of interest in incorporating performance assessments into the local assessment system.


Where can schools learn more?

Information about this project including the RFQ is posted on the Student Centered Assessment website:


All questions should be directed to the Karen L Hull, at, by Monday, April 4th, 2pm.



A series of town hall meetings  about Oregon’s education initiatives are being held around the state during April and May.  A schedule of those meetings can be found at:




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