The current legislative session is coming to a close.  The good news is that several CTE and STEM grant programs have been recommended for funding.  This is only a partial list.  As we learn more, I will share that with you.


CTE Revitalization Grant – This grant has a recommended increase.  We will be meeting with our advisory committee next month to determine the focus of the grant.  As we learn more we will keep you updated.  For now, keep an eye on the following page:


Oregon FIRST Robotics Grant – The funding for this grant was recommended at a slightly lower level.  There may be some changes in how it is administered.  You can keep track of that grant at


Secondary Career Pathways Grant- This is a non-competitive grant based on an incentive formula.  The recommended funding is slightly lower than the previous biennium.  As in the past, CTE Regional Coordinators will work with CTE programs that qualify for the award.


STEM Grants – Funds have been designated for STEM grant programs.  More information about specific projects will be decided this summer.




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Secondary Postsecondary Transitions | Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

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