The most recent webinar on submitting your CTE Revitalization Grant is now posted on the ODE website at


We have also posted an optional checklist to help you make sure you have all of the required materials in your final proposal. 


We have had several people ask for clarification on sections D, E, and F of the application narrative.  We ask that you use the tables provided in the appendices of the RFA.  Anything in the tables will not be included in the 15 page limit.  Any additional narrative outside the tables will be counted as part of the 15 page limit on the narrative.  The tables will help reviewers see how your outcomes, activities, and evaluation are connected.  This is consistent with information included in the posted RFA, but seems to have produced some confusion.  If you have any questions, please contact us before 5:00 pm on October 13.  No technical assistance will be available between 5:00 on October 13 and the due date of Sunday, October 15, at 11:59 pm.


We are looking forward to reviewing your proposals.




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