[DLCD-Rulemaking] CORRECTION:DLCD Rulemaking - Public Hearing and Possible Adoption of Proposed Permanent Rules Regarding the Creation of On-site and Off-site Private Campground Facilities

Tuttle, Casaria R. casaria.r.tuttle at state.or.us
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August 3, 2010

TO:                 Interested Persons

FROM:           The Department of Land Conservation and Development

RE:                  Public Hearing and Possible Adoption of Proposed Permanent
                        Administrative Rules Regarding the Creation of On-site and Off-site Private
                        Campground Facilities, Related to Utility Facility Construction, on Lands Planned
                        and Zoned for Exclusive Farm Use, OAR chapter 660-033-0130

A growing number of large projects, particularly renewable energy facilities, are being approved in remote areas with limited accommodations for workforce housing. Many are currently under construction, and several more are scheduled to break ground in 2010. These projects often hire several hundred employees over a 9-12 month period. Many employees of these projects are forced to drive long distances to and from the jobsite. Others choose to temporarily reside in RVs or camp trailers.

The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) adopted temporary rules at their meeting on Thursday, June 3, 2010 in John Day, Oregon, to provide some immediate relief for this problem. The temporary rule was enacted in the private campground rules at OAR 660-033-0135(19). It focused on potential opportunities for private land owners who were willing to allow construction employees to camp on their property, but were limited by the private campground rules cited above that do not allow a camper's stay to exceed 30-days out of any period of 180 consecutive days. The temporary rules also provided that a temporary campground must either be retired and returned to resource use or converted to an allowed use when the construction project has been completed.

The proposed permanent rules attempt to reach a similar result through different provisions in division 033. OAR 660-033-0130(16), (17), (22) and (37) would now allow onsite and off-site camping facilities to be established for temporary workforce housing related to power generation and transmission construction projects. Camping facilities established subject to this rule must be removed at the end of the construction period, or may be converted to an allowed use under current campground provisions in subsection (19).

A public hearing regarding the proposed permanent rules will be held at the regularly scheduled Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) meeting on Thursday September 2 at 635 Capitol St. (basement hearing room), Salem, Oregon. The meeting  will begin at 9:00 a.m. The commission will take public testimony and consider a staff recommendation on the proposed permanent rules. Written and oral comments will be accepted until the close of the hearing on September 2, 2010.

To obtain a copy of the draft proposed permanent rule amendments, statements of need and fiscal impact, or to be placed on a mailing list, contact Casaria Tuttle at (503) 373-0050 Ext. 322, or email casaria.r.tuttle at state.or.us<mailto:casaria.r.tuttle at state.or.us>. Address written comments to the Chair of the Land Conservation and Development Commission, care of Casaria Tuttle, at the department's address on the letterhead above.

For questions about this rulemaking, contact Jon Jinings at (541) 318-2890 or Michael Morrissey, at (503) 373-0050 Ext. 320. Jon may be reached by email at jon.jinings at state.or.us<mailto:jon.jinings at state.or.us>. Michael may be reached at michael.morrissey at state.or.us<mailto:michael.morrissey at state.or.us>. Information may also be obtained from the DLCD website: http://www.lcd.state.or.us/.

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