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March 16, 2010

Greetings all,
Below you will find a recent announcement from the West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health.


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The West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health (WCGA) Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the WCGA received $500,000 in this year's federal budget.  These funds will be used to help implement some of the 26 actions in the June 2008 West Coast Governors' Action Plan, and may go towards activities such as adapting to the impacts of climate change, reducing marine debris, and helping to make our coastal communities more sustainable.

We are also happy to share the release of Vision 2030<http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/Documents/PacCoastCollaborative_WEB.pdf> by the Pacific Coast Collaborative<http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/Pages/Welcome.aspx>, now available for download online. Vision 2030 was released for public comment and discussion by the Premier of British Columbia and the Governors of California, Oregon and Washington on the occasion of the first Leaders' Forum of the Pacific Coast Collaborative in Vancouver, B.C. on February 12, 2010<http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/media/Documents/2010PREM0028-000157.pdf>.

The Pacific Coast Collaborative leaders also signed two regional agreements during the Forum:

 *   Action Plan<http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/Documents/Q006922%20Action%20Plan%20IEE_MOU_WEB.pdf> on Innovation, Energy and the Economy; and
 *   Action Plan<http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/Documents/Q006922%20Action%20Plan%20CCCA_MOU_WEB.pdf> on Ocean Conservation and Coastal Climate Change Adaptation.
Many of the priorities of the WCGA are reflected in these documents, and include actions such as promoting Green Ports, preventing invasive species, investing in ocean observing systems, and cleaning up marine debris.

Finally, we would like to thank the WCGA Action Coordination Teams who have been hard at work finalizing work plans to accomplish various aspects of the WCGA Action Plan.  Please visit our website<http://westcoastoceans.gov> for information on the Teams and their progress.

For more information about the West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health or to subscribe to the WCGA Update, please visit our website at westcoastoceans.gov.<http://westcoastoceans.gov>

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