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The other day I posted an email with two questions about 1) the names of
BIP(s) that your county uses, and 2) whether your county offers
supervision for misdemeanor probations (on DV crimes).
Thanks to those who responded!
Here is the info that I've compiled so far: (I would encourage those who
haven't responded but who have this information for your county, to
please do so. It will be helpful if a defendant wants to transfer on
probation, etc., for you to know this information up-front). 
Clackamas County:
BIPS: Choices, Changepoint, Mens/Womens Resource Center, Manley
Interventions (Spanish-speaking exclusively)
Probation: Yes, they offer supervision for misdemeanants, but not on
Josephine County:
BIPS: Bradley Counseling, Life Counseling
Probation: Yes, they offer supervision for misdemeanants (but
Polk County:
BIPS: Very rarely do defendants get referred to anything but anger
management (wow!)
Probation: Yes, they offer supervision on misdemeanants
Klamath County:
BIPS: Community Corrections Director Kiki Parker-Rose would be your
contact for this information
Probation: Yes, they offer supervision of misdemeanants (and VROs)
Lincoln County:
BIPS: Crossroads Non Violence
Probation: Yes, they offer supervision of misdemeanors (but a small


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