[gis_info] free open source unconference, post-GIA

David Percy percyd at pdx.edu
Thu Apr 10 07:37:07 PDT 2014

What's that your say? Hosted by the Portland Open Source Geo User
Group, this FREE event will happen on Friday April 18th following GIS
In Action, in PSU's Smith Memorial Student Union, in rooms 238 and

This is a participant-driven event - if you've never been to an
unconference before, the format and sessions are determined on the day
of the event by the people attending. No idea is too big or too small.
Everyone gathers in the morning and decides how to organize it. If you
have something to share, you throw your idea up on the board, sessions
get arranged, rearranged and rooms are assigned by the crowd. It just
sort of all happens - you have to experience it to understand how well
this can work. It's fun!


9am - Registration
9:30 - Put sessions in rooms based on votes
10:00 - Sessions start
12:00 - Lunch on your own
5:00 - Adjorn for Geo-beers.

The event is FREE, but please head on over and get yourselves
registered so we can plan rooms and sustenance:


Have geo-curious friends? Forward them this message or registration
link - the unconference format will be a great introduction to the
many creative things that can be done with geodata!

David Percy ("Percy")
-Geospatial Data Manager
-Web Map Wrangler
-GIS Instructor
Portland State University

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