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In this issue:
1.  Heroic effort in Gnarl Ridge fire honored
2. 'Ask' event included in Archives month
3.  Museums group elects new officers
4.  1859 homes sought for publication
5.  Cultural tourism grants available


When the Gnarl Ridge wildfire recently swept over 3,000 acres of Mount
Hood*s east slope in the Mt. Hood National Forest, it seriously
threatened the historic 119-year-old Cloud Cap Inn. But thanks to the
leadership of Michael Dryden, the fire swept past the inn, leaving it
and other historic buildings in the Cloud Cap - Tilly Jane Recreation
Area Historic District virtually unscathed.

For his leadership efforts, the Oregon State Historic Preservation
Office has given Dryden a Heritage Steward Recognition Award.

*While coordinating fire protection measures for historic buildings
is within his job description, Dryden*s extraordinary diligence in the
case of the Gnarl Ridge fire went above and beyond the call of duty,*
said Roger Roper, the state*s deputy historic preservation officer.

In between shifts as a fire-lookout, Dryden worked night and day
coordinating with everybody from tree-fellers to air reconnaissance
crews in their efforts to keep the fire away from the historic

Dryden and his team employed traditional fire protection measures,
initially wrapping the most significant buildings in fire-retardant
material. Later, air tankers bombarded the buildings with fire retardant
as the outlook for saving the structures grew grimmer and grimmer. The
fire reached within 60 feet of the irreplaceable Cloud Cap Lodge.
Burning pine cones fell on the wood roof of the Tilly Jane Guard Station
but did not ignite the building. Through the worst of the fire, Dryden,
blocked from the buildings by flaming snags across the road, could only
watch from his lookout as the fire raged through the historic district.

In the end, most of the buildings were spared, including Cloud Cap Inn.
Dryden*s work is not done, however. He and his team are busy with
careful cleanup efforts, knee-deep in ashy mud, hand-scrubbing pink
retardant off the historic buildings and trying to control erosion
caused by the loss of trees surrounding the property. 

For more information on Dryden's award and an earlier award to Erica
French, visit http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/HCD/HH.shtml 


October has been designated as Oregon Archives Month - a time to
celebrate Oregon*s unique archival heritage. As part of a larger
national recognition effort, Oregon Archives Month seeks to focus
attention on the importance of records that have enduring value as well
as the people and institutions who preserve them. 

*Archives Month events are intended to highlight the efforts of
Oregon*s archivists and to raise awareness of the historical resources
that archivists preserve and make available to the public,* said State
Archivist Mary Beth Herkert.

The featured event for this year is *Ask an Archivist.* and will be
held from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Putnam University Center's Alumni
Lounge on the campus of Willamette University. The public is invited to
bring historical or documentary materials that they have to have
archivists from a variety of institutions and programs give advice on
the proper care and treatment. Items to bring include diaries,
scrapbooks, ledgers, letters, certificates, diplomas or maps; as well as
sound recordings and visual materials such as photographs, motion
picture films and videotapes. Please do not bring artifacts or
three-dimensional items. No monetary appraisals will be made.


The Oregon Museums Association recently elected new officers. They all
will serve two-year terms.

The new officers include Kyle Jansson, Oregon Heritage Commission,
president; Gardner Chappell, Douglas County Museum, vice president;
Steve Greenwood, Wells Fargo Museum, treasurer; and Lori Erickson, OMSI;
Tracy Miller Prien, The Parrett Mountain Farm; and Gloria Rasmussen,
Oregon Historical Society, board members. All will serve two-year

Others continuing on the board include Keni Sturgeon, Mission Mill
Museum, secretary; and Bob Hart, Lane County Historical Museum, Peggy
Schorsch, Heritage Museum of Independence, and Suzanne MM Warner,
Southern Oregon Historical Society, board members.

More information about the Oregon Museums Association is available at


As part of the statehood sesquicentennial, the State Historical
Preservation Office is collecting information for potential newspaper
features about homes that have functioned as a single-family residence
from at least 1859 to the present. And, of course, the home should
retain its historic integrity. 

"We know of a few that fit the bill, but we really need your input,
especially on the 'still functioning as a residence' requirement. In
addition to the address, please include owner contact information if at
all possible," said Roger Roper, the deputy state historic preservation
officer. The information can be sent to roger.roper at state.or.us 


The Oregon Arts Commission will accept proposals for the Arts &
Cultural Tourism Grant program from Oregon arts organizations and units
of local governments through Jan. 31.  

The Cultural Tourism Grants support projects and partnerships that
advance arts-based cultural tourism activities.  The program fosters
stronger links between the arts, culture, the tourism industry and local
economic development.  The guidelines and applications for the Cultural
Tourism grants are available online through the grants section of the
Arts Commission*s website: www.oregonartscommission.org.  Additional
information is available by calling the Arts Commission at (503)
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