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Dear Heritage Colleagues:

We are all worried about declining revenue and support for heritage, specifically history, historic preservation, and archaeology. Big increases in government funding--the kind we all need and want--are highly unlikely in the current economic climate, and, in truth, most of us feel lucky if our reductions are not catastrophic. 

So, what can be done? 

Oregon is very fortunate to actually have a mechanism already in place to help us "do something." That mechanism is the Oregon Cultural Trust's tax credit program. This very creative and effective program creates a ripple effect of benefits:

--First, by donating to a qualified heritage organization, you help them out in a very important way. 
	See the list of the 1,200 qualified non-profits: 

--Second, by matching that donation with a contribution to the Cultural Trust, you help generate a pool of funds that is used for grants and other programs that heritage organizations statewide can access and benefit from.

--Third, a portion of your Trust contribution also helps build the endowment that secures the long-term operation of the Trust, making it less vulnerable to economic and political down-cycles. 

--Fourth, you get money back in the deal. Your Trust contribution comes back to you dollar-for-dollar in the form of a state tax credit. So if you contribute $250 to your favorite heritage organization and $250 to the Cultural Trust, you accomplish $500 worth of "good", and you get $250 back.

For details about the Cultural Trust program, please go their website:
	also: http://www.culturaltrust.org/pdf/CulturalTrust_Tax_FAQ_05.pdf 

One final note: When you make your contribution to the Cultural Trust, please jot a note on the form that you are contributing on behalf of heritage (or history, historic preservation, or archaeology). This will help us track heritage's participation in the Cultural Trust in comparison with arts and humanities.

Thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of heritage in Oregon and for your support through the Oregon Cultural Trust program. 

P.S. The Cultural Trust also has a special license plate you can purchase that provides further benefits to the Trust and its programs. 
	also: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/vehicle/plateregular.shtml#cultural 

Roger Roper
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Assistant Director, Oregon Parks & Recreation Dept.
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