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Dear Heritage and Preservation Partners,

On my recent trips around the state, again and again, people ask, why
don't more people know about the Oregon Cultural Trust?  Why don't they
know what the Trust does for communities like ours?

These people are volunteers at historical societies.  They are working
to preserve historic buildings and homes.  They are caring for our
pioneer cemeteries.   In Lakeview, I met a retired veterinarian, Dr.
William Barry, who, when he was eight years old, used to deliver the
paper to the Post & King - it was a bar.  He'd run in, leave the paper
on the counter and quickly leave.  He wasn't allowed near the staircase;
the building also served as a brothel, at that time.

In the hundred years that the Post & King building, now on the National
Register of Historic Places, has been around it has served as a jail, a
saloon, a rooming house, a brothel; while it sat empty, in the late
seventies, it was the location of a wedding - the Buttons, whose wedding
was held there, still live in Lake County.  Many people I met on that
trip to Lakeview had stories of this landmark building.  In 2006, it was
purchased by South Valley Bank and lovingly restored to house the new
local branch of that bank.  Inside, the walls are adorned with large
print versions of historic photographs, donated by the Lake County
Historical Society.  This is a community steeped in its history.

It is because of places like this, because of people like these, that
the Oregon Cultural Trust was created.  Oregonians sustaining and
developing heritage, humanities and the arts.

At year-end we look to the future.  When the Cultural Trust launched in
December 2002, we had an ambitious resolution:  to raise $200 million to
sustain Oregon culture.  We need to share the good news about this
unique cultural funding program, which should be a point of pride for
every Oregonian.

Together, we’ve made a lot of progress: we’ve raised over $21
million, distributed more than $9 million in grants benefiting cultural
nonprofits in every Oregon county, and built an endowment of $12
million.  All of that made possible by donors like you:  thank you!

But we have a long way to go in reaching that $200 million goal.  With
your support we’ll continue to make significant progress, this year
and every year.

The Cultural Trust supports the Oregon Heritage Commission, the Oregon
Commission on Historic Cemeteries, the State Historic Preservation
Office and the organizations and individuals that you support.  For
those of you who already donate to the Cultural Trust, this is a
reminder. For those of you who haven't yet donated to the Trust, this is
an invitation.  Please join us in supporting Oregon culture.

Make a contribution to your local historical society, to a historic
cemetery, to the Historic Preservation League of Oregon, or any of the
other 1,300+ cultural nonprofits in the state of Oregon. Then use the
attached donor insert to make a matching donation to the Cultural Trust,

The cultural tax credit is the incentive to give; the reason is to
sustain and advance Oregon culture.

In case you need a refresher, donating to the Trust works like this:

 1.  First, make a donation to your favorite Oregon cultural
non-profit(s). A list of
qualifying 501(c)(3) non-profits is available at
 2.  Second, make an equal or greater contribution to the Oregon
Cultural Trust online at
www.culturaltrust.org<http://www.culturaltrust.org/>. (If you want,
write "heritage" or "preservation" in the notes field to let me know you
support heritage or preservation efforts.)
 3.  Finally, claim your 100%, dollar for dollar tax credit for your
gift to the Trust on your
Oregon state income tax (up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples
filing jointly and
$2,500 for Oregon Corporations).


Kimberly Howard
Trust Manager
Oregon Cultural Trust
775 Summer Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-1280
Direct: 503-986-0089
Mobile: 503-428-0963
Fax: 503-986-0260
kimberly.howard at state.or.us 

Bigger than a bread basket?
Oregon culture.
Give today.


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