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Thu Feb 11 08:16:21 PST 2010

Is there a consensus in Oregon’s Heritage Community that  “Our
Future is Safe and Secure”?

Do members of Oregon’s heritage organizations believe they are “not
at risk”?

Þ	Are museums across the state “on sound financial ground”?
Þ	Are collections in Oregon archives “fully protected”?
Þ	Are archaeological sites “safe from looting”?
Þ	Are historic buildings “certain to be preserved” in at-risk
Þ	Will historic cemeteries be cared for “indefinitely”?
Þ	Will Certified Local Government programs soon “be

Do you agree or disagree? Whatever your perspective, we need to hear
from you! Take the 2010 Heritage Assessment Survey today.

Silence is acceptance. Tell the real story of what’s happening in
your heritage organization and community by participating in the survey.
The Oregon Heritage Commission will use the survey information to create
a fact-based plan to deal with what is a growing crisis among many
heritage organizations.

Results from the 2010 Heritage Assessment will directly inform the
Commission’s priorities and actions. Don’t let this chance to have
your voice heard pass you by.

Act now! Motivate your friends, colleagues, and peers to take the
survey before Feb. 12. Share the survey links below with the following:

For Archaeologists (professionals, students, volunteers, members of
professional organization, professors, cultural resource staff members,
etc.), please click on:

For Archival Institutions (archivists, librarians handling government
records, academic institutions, city and county archives, members of
professional organizations, cultural resource staff members, etc.),
please click on:

For Historic Preservationists (consultants, historic property owners,
members of preservation organizations, preservation business owners,
staff of preservation-based government organizations, etc.), please
click on:

For Museums (city, county, and regional museums, cultural centers,
historical societies, cultural resource staff members, other
institutions, etc.), please click on:

For Historic Cemeteries (nonprofit and "Friends" organizations,
volunteers, city and county offices, etc.), please click on:

For Certified Local Governments (CLG coordinators only), please click

To be successful, this survey requires a robust response by more than
500 people and organizations in the Oregon heritage community. Be one
who helped.

Please contact survey coordinator Aili Schreiner at 503. 986.0805 or
aili.schreiner at state.or.us with any questions or comments.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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