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Special publications issue:
1.  Timber Carnival highlight in new book from Albany
2.  State Blue Book celebrates centennial
3.  Oregon military yearbook takes historic look
4.  Oregon Stories book now available
5.  Book author to talk at Pittock Mansion


"Tim Burr!", an illustrated history of the Albany World Championship
Timber Carnival, has been published by the Albany Regional Museum.

>From before World War II until 2000, Albany hosted this celebration of
a major Northwest industry. Over the years, the Albany Timber Carnival
drew a million and a half people, primarily from Oregon, Washington, and
California— and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. Starting as
a town get-together, it grew into a world championship event.

The Albany Timber Carnival meant beauty queens, tugboat races, loggers
from around the world showing off their skills, and incarceration in The
Can for dress
code violators. There were fi reworks aplenty, and not all in the sky!
"Tim Burr!" tells the story of the event and the people who made it
possible. This 224-page book is written by Edward Loy, a former

For more information about the book, visit www.armuseum.com or 136 Lyon
St. South, Albany.


The Oregon Blue Book is turning 100! In celebration of this milestone,
the Oregon Secretary of State's Office will offer a limited edition
commemorative version of the original 1911 Oregon Blue Book.

The 1911 Oregon Blue Book provides a window into life in Oregon a
century ago. Dozens of vintage images illustrate the state. These
include scenes of Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, the Columbia Gorge, and other
sights. Many images depict the bounty of Oregon's agriculture and timber
industries while others tout the state's hunting and fishing

Along with the images, the 1911 Oregon Blue Book is full of text
describing the beauty and resources of the state in language that is
both quaint and evocative. For example: "High above the clouds towers
snow-capped Mount Hood, magnificent in its supreme eminence and in its
beauty and ruggedness." The book reports on every aspect of Oregon's
economy and society a century ago. Thus, the reader will find
descriptions of 1911 transportation, agriculture, livestock, fishing,
dairy, education, labor, and taxation conditions, among others.

Only about 400 of these 133-page commemorative edition 1911 Oregon Blue
Books will be printed. Both the commemorative and new publications will
be available in March 2011.  Call 503-378-5199 or e-mail 
bluebook.changes at state.or.us to reserve your copy of Oregon Blue Book


An Oregon Military Department (National Guard) yearbook has been
created to celebrate Oregon's 150th birthday and the Oregon National
Guard's role in Oregon's history.  The yearbook has 150 years of history
with pictures through time, including pictures and descriptions of
today's soldiers.  Look for pictures of our most recent deployments. 
There is also a full current (as of 3/2009) alpha listing of all Oregon
Guardsmen, Oregon State Defense Force members and Oregon Military
Department state employees.  This is a great historical book to have for
your library.

The Oregon National Guard (history) yearbook is at the printer. To
purchase a copy, visit www.myyear.com If you have questions, contact LTC
Alisha Hamel at  alishahamel at aol.com or 503-569-3216. 


"Oregon Stories" brings some of the sesquicentennial's best writing to
print. Published by the Ooligan Press and Oregon 150, this collection of
150 personal narratives from everyday Oregonians explores the thoughts,
feelings, and experiences of the people who live in the state. "Oregon
Stories" shows why people cherish this state and why Oregonians strive
to keep Oregon unique and beautiful while celebrating its rich history
and diverse opportunities.

Drawn from Oregon 150's web site project—in which a variety of
citizens submitted personal stories that will resonate with any Oregon
resident—this book collects the stories and histories of the people
that make this place home. The subject of these stories varies
widely—some authors tell detailed family histories, while others
describe exciting travels throughout Oregon’s beautiful landscape.
This book features local contributors who reside in different
communities all over the state, resulting in a publication truly
representative of Oregonians as a whole.

For more information, visit http://www.ooliganpress.pdx.edu/  Founded
in 2001 as a teaching press, Ooligan is staffed by students pursuing
master’s degrees in the Department of English at Portland State
University. These students participate in an apprenticeship program
under the guidance of a core faculty of publishing professionals
dedicated to the art and craft of publishing. 


Author Richard Engeman will speak at noon Aug. 7 at the Pittock Mansion
in Portland.

Engeman is a Pacific Northwest historian, archivist, and author who has
written "The Oregon Companion: An Historical Gazetteer of the Useful,
the Curious, and the Arcane" and "Eating It Up in Eden: The Oregon
Century Farm & Ranch Cookbook."  The cookbook highlights how the path of
Oregon’s foodways has changed over the past 150 years. For more
information, please call 503.823.3623.
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