[Heritage] Cultural Trust offers tools to entice donors

Heritage Info heritage.info at state.or.us
Thu Nov 4 13:23:52 PDT 2010

The Cultural Trust wants to partner with you on increasing support for your organization and to advance Oregon culture.

Oregon cultural donors have the opportunity to claim a 100 percent Oregon tax credit for giving to the Trust...but only if they make equal or greater donations to your nonprofit.  When donors give to the Trust, the endowment (to which 58 percent of every gift is dedicated) grows and so do the Trust's grant awards.

The Cultural Trust distributed $1.47 million in grants this year; it wants to increase that significantly for 2011-12.  You can help, not only by making your donors aware of the opportunity of giving to the Trust and earning the tax credit but also...by making  a gift yourself.  


It doesn't matter how much you give, what matters is participation.  The Cultural Trust is only as strong as its base of support.  Please join with us in keeping Oregon culture strong and vibrant.  Donate 24/7 at www.culturaltrust.org.  Put the word HERITAGE in the notes field if donating online. If you pay by check write HERITAGE on the check's memo line, or if you donate over the phone mention the word HERITAGE. 


The Cultural Trust is re-branding itself to change the conversation from the mechanics of the tax credit to the value of Oregon's heritage, arts and humanities and the value of investing in it. Your organization can obtain for free Cultural Trust inserts, bookmarks, coasters, and donation reminder stickers. Your organization can use an online order form to request solicitation and thank you inserts.   You can also view/download the sample sheet, order form and individual pieces at 

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