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In this issue:
1. Historical Society Cannon Ball Provides Warning
2. Santiam Heritage Foundation Hosts Open House
3. OHS to Hold Lecture about Portland Timbers History
4. Interpretive Center Offers Multi-day Workshops


The Southern Oregon Historical Society received a cannon ball and other
items on loan for consideration as part of a possible exhibit about
Robbie Collins and his role in making Jacksonville a National Heritage.
They later determined the exhibit not feasible; however, when curator
Tina Reuwsaat saw the cannon ball she contacted the local bomb squad, a
division of the Oregon Department of State Police. Guessing that the
bomb arrived in Oregon during the Rogue Indian Wars, they planned to
detonate it as a training exercise. They approached it as if live, but
when it "went off like the Civil War," they were extremely surprised
according Detective Blain W. Allen, a bomb technician. He also noted,
"Every year, two or three people get killed handling old cannon balls."
Do you think there is ordinance in your collection? The best thing to do
is call local law enforcement. They will direct you to the experts.


The Santiam Heritage Foundation will host an open house from 10 a.m. to
3 p.m., July 30, at the Charles and Martha Brown House, 425 North First
Avenue, Stayon. During a tour of the house, visitors can view exhibits
featuring information about the restoration process during the past ten
years. A 1903 Queen Anne structure, it was Stayton's first house with
“built-in” indoor plumbing and wiring, and an innovative radiant
heating system.  The house served for ten years as Stayton's first
hospital in the 1930s. For additional information call (503) 769-7817,
email Kay Pendleton rpendleton at wvi.com or visit www.brownhouse.org .


Plan to hear curator Michael Orr during his lecture “Green is the
Color: A Brief History of the NASL Portland Timbers, 1975-1982”, 2
p.m., July 31 at the Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Avenue,
Portland.  The lecture will take place in conjunction with the
Historical Society’s “Soccer City, USA” exhibit, which features
the Timbers and their role in the North American Soccer League. For
further information call (503) 222-1741 or visit www.ohs.org .


The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City is
offering interpretation and historic skills workshops in August. A Basic
Blacksmithing workshop will take place over two days August 13-14.
Interpretation 101, taught by Mike Follin of the Ohio Historical
Society, runs August 15-18 and features training in the basics of how to
research and develop an interpretive presentation. The
beginner-level-workshop will also teach public speaking skills and is a
suitable for anyone working at a museum, park or historic site who would
like to learn about or improve their presentation skills.  For details
about the above workshops and others visit
http://www.trailtenders.org/Services.html , email
OR_NHOTIC_Mail at blm.gov or call 541-523-1843.

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