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Wed May 25 08:10:06 PDT 2011


Kimberly Howard of the Oregon Cultural Trust sent me this message
yesterday. I thought you would be interested in it. Please consider
acting on it now.


There is a word from the Warm Springs Tribes that means to become
better: Washanaksha.  At the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs they
teach traditional bead work to young people with money received from the
Oregon Cultural Trust, because of donations from Oregonians like you.
This is Washanaksha. This is Culture.
In Lake County every high school student experienced cowboy poetry
because of the Oregon Cultural Trust funding, through the Lake County
Cultural Coalition.  A cowboy poet visited every high school in Lake
County and shared poems about the rich cowboy heritage of Lake County.

At the Seneca School in Grant County there is a display case that was
built with funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust, through the Grant
County Cultural Coalition. This display case is filled with artifacts
collected by 4th graders as part of their Oregon history lesson. The
artifacts were all found across the street from the school, where the
Hines railroad used to stop on its way from Burns to the Columbia River.
The tracks and all other remnants of that train history were taken away
when the factory closed down.

This is Oregon Heritage. This is Culture.
When I had the pleasure of joining many of you in Astoria last month, I
walked the historic main street.  Took a morning run along the historic
waterfront.  Celebrated Astoria’s 200th anniversary by watching a
documentary on the Goonies, at the Columbia Theatre.  And I learned how
to research women in history in the Columbia Maritime Museum’s archive
library with Century for Action and the Clatsop County Historical
Society.  The Heritage Conference ended with the discovery of a rare
wooden grave marker at the Pioneer Cemetery. 

This is Oregon Heritage. This is Culture.

In the next 41 days, the Oregon Cultural Trust is challenging
Oregonians to raise $630,000 in new donations to support of Oregon
culture.  That will mean a record $1.7 million dollars for projects like
Washanaksha at Warm Springs, like the Seneca School History Project,
like the cowboy poetry in Lake County schools. That will mean more money
for our statewide partners - Oregon Heritage Commission, State Historic
Preservation Office, and the Oregon Historical Society.  

You are Oregon Heritage. You are Culture.  This is your opportunity to
make a gift to the Cultural Trust that expresses the value of Oregon
culture in your life.   

Every gift matters.  No gift is too small.   And the Cultural Trust
only works if people pay in, by making a donation.  So pay in.  Join the
thousands of Oregonians who’ve already paid in.  Help reach the goal
of $4.3 million by June 30, so that as the Cultural Trust announces its
2011-12 grants, we can be as generous with our awards as you’ve been
to Oregon culture.    


P.S. Tell us [on your donation] that you attended the Heritage
Conference and we’ll send you a This is Culture window cling for your


Kimberly Howard

Trust Manager

Oregon Cultural Trust

775 Summer Street NE

Salem, OR 97301-1280

Direct: 503-986-0089

Mobile: 503-428-0963

Fax: 503-986-0260

kimberly.howard at state.or.us 


Increase grants to culture this summer. 

Meet the goal of $630,000 in new gifts by June 30, 2011. 

$90,992 donated, so far!


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Oregon Heritage Commission
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