[Heritage] Last Chance to Give the Oregon Cultural Trust this tax year!

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Mon Dec 31 13:31:14 PST 2012

Today is the last chance to make your FREE donation to the Oregon
Cultural Trust this year. 
You can do it now right, this second, from your computer at
www.culturaltrust.org !
The Oregon Cultural Trust funds culture in your area and will do so
into the future. 
This year is more important than ever! Your donation will support
Oregon culture and it will be a vote of support for the tax credit
The Cultural Trust program is unique and has been ranked with the
bottle bill and vote-by-mail as among Oregon’s most forward-thinking
public policy measures. The cultural tax credit, which allows donors to
match a gift to participating cultural non-profits with a gift to the
Trust, and then get the match back at tax time, is a part of this
special program. In the first 10 years of the Trust, 21,000 Oregonians
have contributed $28 million to culture, created more than $9 million in
grants that benefit every county in Oregon and have built the endowment
to nearly $15.5 million.
You dontation is FREE and the ramifications of your support spread
beyond vibrant culture in Oregon.
In 2011, the Oregon Cultural Trust’s 1,326 eligible cultural nonprofits
directly generated an estimated $580.5 million in sales, and employed
8,750 people.
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