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In this Issue:
1. MentorCorps Application Deadline Jan. 15
2. National Preservation Institute Offers Local Seminars in March 
3. “Coquelle Trails” Project Complete, Report and Website Available 
4. Nominations Sought for Documents of Exclusion by OHQ 
5. AGS Seeking Conference Lecture and Session Proposals
6. WFHAC Seeking Proposals for Executive Director Position
The deadline for applying to become a member of the Oregon Heritage
MentorCorps ( http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/Pages/mentorcorps.aspx
) is Jan. 15. Heritage Mentors will provide information and training in
collections care and emergency preparedness for libraries, museums and
archives in their region. Visit the Oregon Heritage (
http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/Pages/index.aspx ) website for a job
description (
) and application (
The National Preservation Institute is offering two seminars in
Portland this March. An advanced registration rate is available through
Jan. 24 in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation and
the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.
Learn about environmental impact analysis, cultural resource
management, and historic preservation responsibilities and relationships
by attending the NEPA Compliance and Cultural Resources seminar March 5
- 6. Assess practical applications for effectively integrating the
analyses required by the National Environmental Policy Act, related
environmental regulations, and the National Historic Preservation Act.
The Section 4(f) Compliance for Historic Properties seminar will take
place March 7 – 8. Projects funded or approved by a U.S. Department of
Transportation (DOT) agency that propose the use of historic property or
land from a publicly owned park, recreation area, or refuge triggers
Section 4(f) of the DOT Act of 1966. Attendees will examine the
stringent approval standards of this substantive law and discuss ways to
better integrate and streamline Sections 4(f) and 106 with the National
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. 
Both of the above seminars meet the criteria for programs in the
American Society of Landscape Architects Continuing Education System and
ASLA members will receive six learning units each day. To view agendas
for the course listed above, visit www.npi.org. See the NPI News Release
( http://www.npi.org/NewsRelease2013.pdf ) for a complete 2013 seminar
calendar including descriptions. For questions, email info at npi.org or
call (703) 765-0100. 
The Coquille Indian Tribe of North Bend and Oregon Websites and
Watersheds Project (ORWW) of Philomath recently announced the completion
and results of a two-year collaborative research project, “Coquelle
Trails.” The project’s 2-volume report and the launching of the Coquelle
Trails ( http://www.orww.org/Coquelle_Trails/ ) website, in
collaboration with NW Maps of Cottage Grove, represent a significant
level of commitment, cooperation and achievement by the three
organizations over the past two years.
“Coquelle Trails: Early Historical Roads and Trails of Ancestral
Coquille Indian Lands, 1826 - 1875” renewed a project, originally
started in 2006, to investigate and publish a “cultural geography” of
the modern Coquille Indian Tribe. The project included a description of
the physical landscape and geographic area occupied or utilized by the
ancestors of the modern Coquille Tribe prior to and at the time of the
earliest reported contacts with Europeans and Euro-Americans. 
Bob Zybach and Don Ivy co-authored the project, which resulted in the
report, website, numerous cross-referenced file indices, hundreds of
historical maps and survey notes, highly detailed proprietary Tribal
field maps, GIS layers, a number of rare documents, and the “Historic
Trails, 1826 – 1856” wall map (
Other key individuals making important contributions to project include
Robin Harkins, Jesse Davis, and Nicole Norris working under direction of
the Coquille Tribe; Wayne Giesy of ORWW and Crys Stephens of NW Maps.
For further information, visit the Coquelle Trails (
http://www.orww.org/Coquelle_Trails/ ) website or email Nicole Norris (
mailto:nicolenorris at coquilletribe.org ), Wayne Giesy (
mailto:GiesyW at ORWW.org ) or Bob Zybach ( mailto:ZybachB at NWMapsCo.com ).
The “Oregon Historical Quarterly” (OHQ) is seeking nominations from
archivists, historians, and others familiar with Oregon’s documents of
Since the time of exploration by private corporations and imperial
nations, the use of charters, state and national laws, municipal codes,
and organizational covenants and bylaws have excluded groups of people
from a wide variety of rights. The OHQ is interested in examining that
history of exclusion through documents. How have laws, housing
covenants, organizational-membership requirements, and other written
rules designated who is in by defining who is out? How have those
exclusions shaped our state? How did those targeted – and their allies –
resist the exclusion efforts?
Are you aware of a document of exclusion contained within your
collection? If so, email a copy of the document, identification of its
location, and a 250-word synopsis of its significance to Eliza
Canty-Jones ( mailto:eliza.canty-jones at ohs.org ). For questions call
(503) 306-5236.
The Association for Gravestone Studies is soliciting proposals for
evening lecture papers and classroom / participation sessions during its
2013 conference June 20 and 21 in Salem. 
Scholarly papers should be no more than 25 minutes for presentation
during evening lectures. Participation / class sessions should run no
more than 45 minutes in length and focus on "how-to" topics. Possible
topics include long-range planning, volunteer management, and using
cemeteries in education. AGS encourages panel discussions. Submit
250-word abstract proposals by Feb. 1 via email to Bob Keeler (
mailto:robertk at clackamas.edu ) or Judy Juntunen (
mailto:rycraftjuntunen at aol.com ). For additional information about the
2013 conference, visit the AGS website (
http://www.gravestonestudies.org/conferences.htm ).
The Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition is seeking proposals for a
part time executive director, who will work from a virtual office and
will possess the skills and tools to be comfortable and effective
working remotely.  The position will require participation in a minimum
of three meetings monthly in West Linn and Oregon City. The proposal
deadline is 5 p.m., Jan. 15. 
The position will coordinate and prepare the applications and
procedures for designation as a National Heritage Area as well as a
State Heritage Area, including working with Oregon’s Congressional
delegation and the Oregon Heritage Commission; conduct public outreach
and communication program with stakeholders; and develop and implement a
strategic plan for funding and long-term sustainability. Additional
responsibilities include facilitating meetings, events, activities and
the wide range of media and technology components necessary for
communication; maintaining relationships with project partners; and
managing administrative and organizational development including
documentation management.
Expected qualifications include demonstrated leadership and the
capacity for strategic thinking; experience in professional fundraising
and organizational development; superior communication skills; a strong
interest in history and cultural heritage; the ability to meet, interact
and work comfortably with a variety of stakeholder and create and lead
partnerships; success working with a board of directors. 
For a complete job description and application requirements, visit
WFHAC website ( http://www.wfheritage.org/ ). To apply, send a cover
letter, resume, and other required information to info at wfheritage.org. 
For questions, call Alice Norris at (503) 701-5267. 

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