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Oregon Heritage has published two new Heritage Bulletins, which focus
on digital preservation project planning and implementation.
Traditionally, historical societies, museums and archives collect and
preserve an assortment of “analog” material such as paper, film and
three-dimensional objects. The advent of digital imaging technology has
changed the way many organizations address the material in their
Successful digitization projects require effective planning,
collaboration and long-term financial investment. Heritage Bulletin 21:
Planning a Digitization Project (
) (HB21) provides valuable guidance to those wishing to expand the
usefulness of their collections, making items available to a wider
audience and protecting fragile objects from repeated handling. HB21
considers copyright issues, costs, technical requirements and the
implementation of policies pertinent to digital media and digitization
Once an organization has defined a digitization project plan, the next
step is implementation. Heritage Bulletin 22: Implementing a
Digitization Project (
) offers information about a step-by-step process known as a workflow,
discusses software settings and provides helpful glossary of terms.  
Both bulletins include resource sections with information on project
funding, additional reading material and links to subject matter on the
To access and download the new bulletins – or to review the topics
covered in the other 20 Heritage Bulletins – visit Oregon Heritage’s
Technical Assistance (
http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/TECH/pages/index.aspx ) page. 
We are interested in your feedback. Have we missed a topic? Is there
information you would like to see covered in a future Heritage Bulletin?
Email us ( mailto:heritage.info at state.or.us )!
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