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In this Issue
1. Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program accepting 2014 applications
2. Oregon Heritage Bulletin 10 provides grant administration tips
3. OCT accepting applications for Cultural Development Grants
4. Environmental Interpretation course offered At OSU
5. Lane County Historical Society awards Heritage Outreach Grants


The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program is accepting applications for the 2014 award year. Every Oregon farm and ranch has a unique history and special family story. The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch program encourages agriculture families to share these stories of century-long connections with a broader audience.  Families throughout Oregon who have continuously farmed portions of their acreage for the past 100 or 150 years are encouraged to apply for the award by May 1.

Families interested in applying must follow a formal process. Qualifications include continuous family operation of the farm or ranch; a gross income from farm use of not less than $1,000 per year for at least three years out of five prior to application; and residency or active management of the farm or ranch activities by family members. Members of the Application Review Committee review each application against the qualifications.

Application documentation may include photos, original deeds, personal stories, or other historic records.  Honoring families with century-long connections to the land, the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program began presenting awards in 1958. Records gathered for this purpose help support Oregon’s agricultural history by providing valuable information about settlement patterns and statistics on livestock and crop cycles.  All documents are archived for public access.

Successful applicants receive a personalized certificate with acknowledgment by the Governor and the director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  A durable metal roadside sign to identify the family’s farm or ranch as having historic Century or Sesquicentennial status is also available.  A special ceremony and reception that honors each family will take place at the Oregon State Fair on August 23.  To date, 1,156 families have formally received the Century designation and 26 families have received the Sesquicentennial Award. Visit the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch website for application and program guidelines<http://www.oregonfb.org/centuryfarm>, or contact Andréa Kuenzi by phone (503) 400-7884 or email<mailto:cfr at oregonfb.org>.


Is your organization thinking about applying for a grant? Check out Oregon Heritage Bulletin 10: Grant Administration at a Glance<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/docs/heritage_bulletins/hb_10_grant_admin.pdf>. This bulletin offers 10 tips that will help keep your project on track.


The Oregon Cultural Trust's (OCT) annual competitive Cultural Development Grant cycle is now open, with a May 15 deadline for project activities that occur between August 1 and July 30, 2015.

Cultural Development Grants recognize and support significant cultural programs and projects in four broad areas: Access; Preservation; Creativity; and Capacity. Projects should protect and stabilize Oregon's cultural resources; expand public awareness of, quality of, access to and participation in culture in Oregon; and ensure that Oregon cultural resources are strong and dynamic contributors to Oregon's communities and quality of life.

In considering funding requests, the OCT seeks proposals that will expand the public benefit of Oregon's culture; preserve the past or invest in the future; enhancing cultural opportunity and understanding; and create opportunity for every community to invest further in its culture.

Visit the Trust’s website for Cultural Development Grant guidelines<http://www.culturaltrust.org/sites/www.culturaltrust.org/files/u33/CDV_FY15_Guidelines.pdf> and an online application<http://oregon.culturegrants.org/navigation/links/page/grants-online-go-instructions>.


Students taking the 493 / 593 Environmental Interpretation course offered through the Oregon State University (OSU) Extended Campus will learn what it means to communicate effectively in leisure settings and how to convey messages effectively to recreational learners.  Environmental Interpretation introduces communication tools and techniques applicable to a variety of disciplines including historical and cultural resource management and useful when engaging museum and historic site visitors.

Participants will develop effective presentations, craft interpretive displays publications, and discover the important role evaluation plays in program development. For course related information, email David Stemper at stemperd at onid.orst.edu<mailto:stemperd at onid.orst.edu>. Visit http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu<http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/> for registration information or call 1-800-667-1465.


The Lane County Historical Museum recently awarded its first round of Heritage Outreach Grants totaling $7,500. The Society received 20 applications, with requests totaling more than $30,000 in categories that included publications, research, public programs, historic preservation and museum collections. The Society awarded the grants from its own funds generated through private donations.

Society Executive Director Bob Hart commented, “We were surprised at the number of applications on this first round. There is a definite county need for this kind of support and we are happy to provide it.” He added, “We hope to announce our next grant cycle this spring to coincide with the beginning of our fiscal year on July 1st.”


Celebrate, Recreate, Invigorate at the Hub of Heritage and Recreation! Mark your calendar for the Oregon Heritage Conference April 23-25, 2014<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/Pages/Conference.aspx> . . . Registration opens soon.

Oregon Heritage, part of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, provides technical support and services to people and organizations documenting, preserving, interpreting and sharing Oregon's heritage. Keep up with the latest heritage issues and trends at Oregon Heritage Exchange<http://oregonheritage.wordpress.com/> and follow us on Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/OregonHeritage>.

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