[Heritage] Press Release: kimono exhibition at Benton County Museum

Mark Tolonen mark at bentoncountymuseum.org
Thu Jan 29 15:56:47 PST 2015

For Immediate Release: January 29, 2015
Contact: Mark Tolonen, Curator of Exhibitions
Phone: 541.929.6230


Feminine, Daring Meisen Kimonos


Philomath, Ore. - Feminine, Daring Meisen Kimonos is an exhibition at Benton
County Historical Museum featuring early 20th century Japanese kimono from
the private collection of Corvallis artist Karen Illman Miller. Also
included in the exhibition, which will be on view through March 14, 2015,
are Japanese haori (jackets) and the unusual paper stencils used to dye the
threads before the fabrics were woven. 


According to Dr. Miller, "When young middle class Japanese women began to
move out into the world beginning in the 1920s and continuing through the
1940s they looked for a fashion garment, something suitable for social
events, lunch with women friends, flower arranging classes, etc. Everyday
indigo cottons and stripes, expensive traditional formal kimono or
conservative office wear were not suitable.  They wanted something fresh and
current, feminine and even a little daring, but affordable.. The patterns
represent a study in textile design of the early 20th century, filtered
through Japanese eyes, that looks wonderfully fresh and original even now.
We see bold art deco designs, traditional designs enlarged to enormous
scale, huge colorful flowers, bright geometric designs, scenery, wild color
schemes and delicate watercolor pastels."


Enjoy a visit to Oregon's past AND present!  The museum is open Tuesday
through Saturday, 10:00 - 4:30.  Admission is always free!   


Located six miles west of Corvallis on Hwy 20/34, at 1101 Main Street,
Philomath, Oregon, the Benton County Historical Society operates the Museum
facilities for the preservation of history and culture.  Its goal is to
preserve the material culture of Benton County, Oregon.  It strives to
enrich people's lives through interesting exhibitions and educational

Please call (541) 929-6230 or visit  <http://www.bentoncountymuseum.org>
www.bentoncountymuseum.org for more information.














Mark Tolonen
Curator of Exhibitions
Benton County Historical Society and Museum
P.O. Box 35
1101 Main Street
Philomath, Oregon 97370-0035
541-929-6230 x306
www.bentoncountymuseum.org <http://www.bentoncountymuseum.org/> 




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