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In this Issue
1. National honor given to archaeology poster
2. Heritage Bulletin offers tourism tips
3. Deadline extended for Klamath Tribe basket inventory RFP


The Society for American Archaeology has given the 2014 Oregon Archaeology Celebration poster, published last fall, second place in its annual competition.

The poster features a photograph of coprolite found near the town of Paisley in south-central Oregon. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places last fall, the Paisley site contains the oldest, directly-dated coprolites (human feces) in the Americas.  The discovery there by University of Oregon researchers of 14,400-year-old human feces demonstrates the presence of an ancient human population in America’s Far West at the end of the last Ice Age.

To view the poster, visit the Oregon State Library repository online<http://library.state.or.us/repository/2014/201409161325442/>.

The State Historic Preservation Office, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, the Association of Oregon Archeologists, the Oregon Archaeological Society, the University of Oregon, the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Traveling Museum of Oregon Prehistory, and the Institute for Archaeological Studies organize the annual Oregon Archaeology Celebration.


Visits by tourists can build the vitality of your organization and your community. Word of mouth, coordination and collaboration, and participating in established tourism efforts can all contribute to successfully attracting tourists. Heritage Bulletin 18: Pay Attention to Tourist Needs<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/docs/Heritage_Bulletins/HB_18_Tourist_Needs.pdf> offers 15 tips for attracting and serving tourists while supporting your organization’s mission as well as your community’s welcoming efforts.

For this and other Heritage Bulletins, visit Oregon Heritage online<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/Pages/Bulletins.aspx>.


The Klamath Tribes Culture and Heritage Department is seeking proposals for a professional inventory of its basket collection. The collection consists of approximately 700 - 900 baskets.  The contractor will inventory, apply identification to, catalog, describe and photograph each basket, as well as prepare a final report about the collection. The Tribes have extended the RFP deadline to 4 p.m., May 27. For complete RFP instructions, contact Klamath Tribes Culture and Heritage Department at 541-783-2219 x 178 or 541-783-22196 x140 or email perry.chocktoot at klamathtribes.com<mailto:perry.chocktoot at klamathtribes.com>.


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