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In this issue:
1.  Two new staff join Oregon Heritage
2.  Applications for Oregon Heritage Preservation scholarship available
3.  Salem to host seismic workshop May 21
4.  Three workshops to assist historic theater activists
5.  Medford building featured in newest Heritage Exchange blog
6.  Donovan given McMath Award
7.  Free digitization webinar series begins May 25


Two new staff, Jessica Gabriel and Katie Henry, of Oregon Heritage<http://www.oregonheritage.org/> have differing duties.

Gabriel the new 106/compliance coordinator for the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). In that role, she will conducting Section 106 reviews (above-ground projects) as a historian, assisting customers with historic preservation compliance as established by the National Historic Preservation Act.

Gabriel has been focusing on the architectural, archaeological and archival history of the American West for the past 10 years while working in cultural resource management. She has a master's degree in cultural geography from Denver University where she researched the relationship between adaptive reuse, sustainability and historic preservation. " A native of Colorado and the Southwest, I've been visiting Oregon for most of my life and became a permanent resident nearly two years ago," she said.

Henry is the heritage outreach specialist working with the heritage outreach team. She will help operate the technical assistance, heritage communications, Main Street and other heritage programs. Most recently, she worked as the executive director of the Oswego Heritage Council. She also has worked as education coordinator for the Friends of Historic Champoeg State Park and visitor services ranger at Champoeg and Willamette Mission state parks. She has a master's degree in museum studies from the University of Washington.


The Oregon Heritage Preservation Scholarship provides financial assistance for Oregon residents to attend a preservation-related conference, workshop, or training in the United States between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Eligible travel expenses include registration fees, transportation, lodging and meals.

Scholarships will be offered to those actively involved in local preservation efforts and who demonstrate how attendance at a preservation-related conference, workshop, or training will help meet the preservation needs of their local community.

Scholarships are competitive and offered twice per year. The first round deadline is June 10 and is available for those to attend trainings between July 1 and Dec. 31. The second round deadline is Dec. 5 and is available for those to attend trainings between Jan. 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017.

For more information and the application, visit www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/FINASST/Pages/Scholarships.aspx<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/FINASST/Pages/Scholarships.aspx>  or contact Katie Henry at katie.henry at oregon.gov<mailto:katie.henry at oregon.gov> or (503) 986-0671.


The Salem Historic Landmarks Commission and its co-sponsors, the State Historic Preservation Office and the Willamette Heritage Center, will host a seismic workshop as part of Historic Preservation Month this month.

Topics include retrofitting best practices, insurance company requirements, identifying foundation needs, solutions for failing or masonry foundations, bracing your water heater, and other topics.

The workshop will take place from 9 a.m.-noon May 21 at the Willamette Heritage Center, 1313 Mill St. For more information contact: Kim Fitzgerald<mailto:kfitzgerald at cityofsalem.net>. To register, contact Sally Studnar<mailto:sstudnar at cityofsalem.net>.


Historic theater owners or operators, non-profit theater organizations, and supporters who are striving to preserve and operate theaters in their community are invited to attend workshops during June and July in LaGrande, Medford and Portland.

The workshops will cover challenges, solutions, and information you can put to use. This includes how a market study can point you toward success, techniques for selling the dream and building community support, identifying funding for restoration, case studies of successful theater revivals and a preservation toolkit.

The workshops will take place June 21 in Portland, July 13 in Medford, and July 25 in LaGrande. They are supported by the State Historic Preservation Office and the Oregon Cultural Trust. For more information and registration, visit the Restore Oregon events calendar<http://restoreoregon.org/events/>.


One hundred years ago this month, May 8, 1916 to be exact, the Medford Federal Building opened to rave reviews. The Medford Mail Tribune called it "substantial," "modern," and "very attractive." The $110,000 brick American Renaissance Revival style building housed the post office (it moved out in the 1960s), a courtroom, legal offices and chambers, and an office for Crater Lake National Park.

The most recent Oregon Heritage Exchange blog<https://oregonheritage.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/medford-federal-building-built-amid-controversy-celebrates-centennial/> discusses the history and controversy surrounding its construction.


Sally Donovan literally lives and breathes historic preservation, living in a 1913 house and using its "updated" 1931 refrigerator and electric stove every day for the past 20 years. And not long ago she finished, with her two partners and husband, first moving then rehabilitating an 1889 house destined for demolition, handling tasks from removing shingles to replastering and painting, along with the reams of paperwork required to buy the house (for $1) and arrange for its move (a lot more than $1).
A longtime Oregon-based cultural resource specialist and photographer, Donovan was formally honored this week with the 2016 George McMath Historic Preservation Award, presented each year to an individual whose contributions have raised awareness and advocacy for historic preservation in Oregon. For more information, visit the award's website.<https://hp.uoregon.edu/2016-sally-donovan>


What makes an image a "good" image? How can image quality be measured in a standards-compliant, repeatable fashion?  Digitization consumes resources, and there only may be a single opportunity to convert certain collections; how can we make sure that it is done in accordance with the relevant guidelines and that the digital assets created will endure over the long term?  This series of five webinars will examine the Federal Agency Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) as it applies to still imaging for cultural heritage institutions.  After an overview of FADGI, instructors will review each of its core metrics in detail, and share hands-on and practical applications of these metrics in real digitization projects. For information and registration, visit the webinar's website<http://lyrasisnow.org/lyrasis-webinar-series-fadgi/>.

Share your photos of Oregon's heritage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #oregonheritage.

Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>

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