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1. Registration is open for the Oregon Museum Association's Annual Meeting and Conference
2. Restore Oregon's Heritage Barn Workshop at Champoeg State Park Oct 1
3. Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs staff seeks input from communities for strategic plan


Oregon Museums Association
2016 Annual Meeting and Conference
October 23-25
Eugene, OR

Each year, museum professionals from throughout Oregon gather to explore best practices and innovative ideas. OMA conferences are an opportunity to network and explore challenges and opportunities unique to Oregon museums. This year, OMA meets in Eugene, October 23-25 and will hold multiple sessions around the theme Engage!  The director of Multnomah County Library, Vailey Oehlke<https://multcolib.org/about/director-biography>, will be our keynote speaker.

To register visit http://www.oregonmuseums.org/AnnualMeeting


There is nothing more iconic than a great old barn standing proud on the agricultural landscape.  Yet these icons pose special challenges for those wishing to preserve them and the stories they hold. Champoeg State Park and its historic Donald Manson Barn (1862), one of the few remaining Pioneer-era barns still standing in the Willamette Valley, will be the site of Restore Oregon's annual Heritage Barn Workshop set for October 1st.

The day-long workshop will feature speakers, hands-on training, examples of creative reuse, and sessions on barn condition assessment and stabilization. Over the course of the day there will be a demonstration on historic barn construction techniques and tools. Barn owners, preservationists, and the general public are invited with no previous knowledge needed to participate.

Restore Oregon's Heritage Barn Workshop<http://restoreoregon.org/event/barns/>
October 1, 2016 9am to 4pm
Champoeg State Park
8239 Champoeg Road NE
(just SW of Wilsonville and SE of Newburg)

Tickets are $35 for Restore Oregon members; $45 for non-members and must be purchased in advance at www.RestoreOregon.org<http://www.RestoreOregon.org> or by calling 503 243-1923. Snacks, beverages, and lunch are included in the registration fee.  Underwriting by Greenline Fine Woodworking and New Energy Works Timberframers made this program possible.


The Tourism Development Council (TDC) and staff of Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs (CCTCA) invites you to help them shape their strategic priorities for the next five years. The current strategic plan is in its final year and we are in the process of updating it for the 2017-22 period. As a local tourism partner, your ideas and perspectives are of great value to them as they undertake this effort.

Partner participation in this planning process<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001CzvChBlTZW051djpRKzpWJWoeL4FjOPASFzj1G5iCsAuGlk-eOW6ae1V7AKjqbEnRlRX3Z5MTFZal9KpYvGVQmKEHF6ovMYY1X3HSLKAcVXKlc16H5-Na-0lDhGy7YxF-6kaBjm2ghNrsCD9MdlzscTnS20Jqhl7IpK_O4TBHNDsIOhDZN9v8I15O6MkFA5bTv0tSen1D7UTK0FshS6SrlaZhTPZXTCkde_Vjy3GBr50PlwZ3LisTjjWmnZsegVr_JapAtGN9TMUQqETSp0qdZlCbMkr3cSEZH-vLJ3Sq5RPYmoHh6p2tzAbkcHPpQ6-pYH6zgU5JqzDz4G8Xs9az8Kly3BYvU3DmR5Ej09PV5Ow9OsumZ--93JodwJpkxwa&c=CgokzgjEch6770DvUMGNJ6dTBXgu5tS6dvDTsOjMtA5KtGMwUNdvgw==&ch=r7BNylRnkHaqqwCFeNWiZuZZ70Njof0MhRaFy1DwymWrE6kGhxS7Ew==> will involve a series of community conversations, surveys and draft priorities being generated between now and next June. Four public "Listening Sessions" are scheduled between September and December 2016 to hear from local partners. These sessions are being held in conjunction with regularly scheduled monthly TDC meetings and will take place in communities across the county. The first session is scheduled in Oregon City- Sept. 14th<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001CzvChBlTZW051djpRKzpWJWoeL4FjOPASFzj1G5iCsAuGlk-eOW6ae1V7AKjqbEnIEgab5fIyFBOlKG8ramTrKCsM70BLwPKUGIrnQeKg_-QAyvCF0VpAdX1_u8rqLD6uIrIt86RE9h-3OxhSdK3euGFMc3Y_HDx_QyuvTRgt9G5lg5YBRbaER5gLoU5Dr5JaHMe83g96YA3wRVHew0Le3-4AyIQ1u1XrFJsE0kIBf71rzw-wizYugsSoObz4OpJk8_GKPpGbyudvRYGyWiiYnVCokoLsgYcCd3jsjx5dVaVhuqmLxPJ3pD4bedRRWwc&c=CgokzgjEch6770DvUMGNJ6dTBXgu5tS6dvDTsOjMtA5KtGMwUNdvgw==&ch=r7BNylRnkHaqqwCFeNWiZuZZ70Njof0MhRaFy1DwymWrE6kGhxS7Ew==>, followed by Welches-Oct. 12th, Molalla- Nov. 9th, and Wilsonville- Dec. 14th.

Feedback obtained from these community listening sessions, as well as input gathered from other outreach efforts, will be compiled and shared with the TDC at its February 2017 Planning Retreat. Following the retreat, a draft set of priorities will be generated and shared with partners for further input in May. Feedback on the draft priorities will help us finalize our Strategic Priorities for 2017-22 in June.

At the Listening Sessions, the discussion points below are intended to help guide the community conversations about our strategic priorities:

Discussion Points:

  *   What do you see as opportunities in the next five years to focus our energy and resources to build tourism in your community or in the county?
  *   Are there threats or barriers to tourism in your community that need to be addressed
  *   What opportunities do you know of to create new or enhance existing tourism assets or attractions or events?
  *   Are there any new technologies, mediums or trends that you think we could capitalize on to enhance our marketing and promotion efforts?
  *   What new or expanded partnerships or collaboration opportunities should CCTCA be aware of to enhance the effectiveness of tourism and strengthen local community partners?
  *   Are there any new or emerging tourism products, markets, or packages you feel we could direct resources to that would enhance tourism promotion and development in your community?
  *   Do you have any other ideas or feedback that you would like to share with the TDC and staff?

Reference Materials:
Tourism Department Overview<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001CzvChBlTZW051djpRKzpWJWoeL4FjOPASFzj1G5iCsAuGlk-eOW6ae1V7AKjqbEn8Uv9gqWeEG6aw9www5xd-BMjluDF2NjW4hb-LTaf9g9brwwEVlJi21AOn6VprzEMkKIQAl7HLtAmXC5IdezFmIwtog4ziXXwgPu94YbiIM7i_oYPb1Yww1yJjLmJ3ERlrDl5LP-yygsz0F8zhMobIIWKDg3JrRXTNJOOndoYYLt2Byppd1V2MIzHVaj6WHgaOQ01h9QDQoTKowFr0ULQTl_fza_WnmNMUc5z0Z-e4G17aOKGFhyrFAzut2QDxly48Cj28OqN_aCYeTYAlXkTQ1aAzwUHDNRNqY2V-ov0ibM=&c=CgokzgjEch6770DvUMGNJ6dTBXgu5tS6dvDTsOjMtA5KtGMwUNdvgw==&ch=r7BNylRnkHaqqwCFeNWiZuZZ70Njof0MhRaFy1DwymWrE6kGhxS7Ew==>
Master Plan & 2012-17 Strategic Priorities<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001CzvChBlTZW051djpRKzpWJWoeL4FjOPASFzj1G5iCsAuGlk-eOW6ae1V7AKjqbEnVf0D3cLgGtjvhwoQUSnCRae42rB2OWwGnH2JSFfLeM1Vau3ZE8yQCsqpPsszVf1gWC5nO8Mz44JH3jPzSDSsXy4NlZSF63FOPm9KVY-cPXbMMIN8TLqBwGp9YI_a43SeEBCLR97S0XujAi-tvoIJgZk9kaSv3NJhPpsar644KAJK9dfAQtD91W6v1FfKYwU_NgLLyEUVTURclg6VuI2jKuoIQEneqpiEeC71R169Br1QDgWdel4jWEqZCw9kNHOJZdOAzNKrxJccsMU7IAO0w8qYcO-_npjzXlNP_IZkRPuq4pkEVG1ugW9r--nBIYel&c=CgokzgjEch6770DvUMGNJ6dTBXgu5tS6dvDTsOjMtA5KtGMwUNdvgw==&ch=r7BNylRnkHaqqwCFeNWiZuZZ70Njof0MhRaFy1DwymWrE6kGhxS7Ew==>

This is an invitation to engage in an open-ended conversation with them. Comments can be shared in writing or in person. Written comments can be sent to Jim Austin at jim at mthoodterritory.com<mailto:jim at mthoodterritory.com> or via regular mail to CCTCA, 150 Beavercreek Rd. Suite 245, Oregon City, OR 97045.

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Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>

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