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In this issue:
1. 2017 Oregon Main Street Conference open for registration
2. Four Oregon buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places
3. Six Oregon Heritage Traditions happening this August
4. Newell Pioneer Village seeks museum coordinator
5. City of Gresham hosts historic preservation conversation July 31
6. NAO announces new Financial Success for Nonprofit Certificate program
7. City of Springfield seeks applicants for historic commission
8. Free Liberated Archive Forum in Portland July 29


Refresh, Revitalize, Reinvigorate your Downtown!
October 4-6, 2017
Oregon City

Oregon Main Street is celebrating 10 years of downtown revitalization efforts in Oregon! Join us in Oregon City as we celebrate and look to the future and take Main Street to the next level using the tools and strategies presented at this conference. Topics presented will relate to rural, mid-sized, and urban communities. Get ready to bring back fresh ideas to revitalize and reinvigorate your organization and your downtown efforts!

Topics include:

*         Placemaking

*         Special Events

*         Inclusion and Diversity

*         Engaging Millennials

*         Storytelling

*         Sustainable Funding

*         Business Recruitment

*         And more!

See the Preliminary Schedule<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/SHPO/docs/2017OMSConference/Schedule_at_a_Glance%202017.pdf> for more information or visit our website<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/SHPO/Pages/2017-Oregon-Main-Street-Conference.aspx>.

We will also be celebrating the accomplishments of Oregon Main Street communities at the Excellence in Downtown Revitalization Awards Banquet on Oct. 4 at the beautiful Abernathy Center in Downtown Oregon City.

Registration is open and in order to get the early bird rate, you need to register by Sept. 15. Register here<https://omsconference.ticketleap.com/2017/> for the conference and the awards banquet.

This conference is supported by the following: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon Main Street, Downtown Oregon City Association, Transportation Growth Management.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sheri Stuart at Sheri.Stuart at oregon.gov<mailto:Sheri.Stuart at oregon.gov> or 503.986.0679 or Katie Henry at Katie.Henry at oregon.gov<mailto:Katie.Henry at oregon.gov> or 503-986-0671.


The Triangle Lake Round Barn, Blachly
John P. Sumich completed construction of the round barn in 1949, three years after construction began in 1946. Sumich's use of concrete blocks and other locally sourced materials represents a creative interpretation of the round barn type that has been used in the United States beginning in the 1800's into the early 20th century, when it became popularized by agricultural schools for its efficiency. The historic building is a unique vernacular expression of a round dairy barn type that was popularized in the 1910s and 1920s for its reputation for enhancing farm practice efficiency and improving sanitary conditions. While it is unclear exactly where Sumich saw the original design that inspired him, there was no similar round barn construction in Oregon. The barn is eligible under National Register Criterion C for architecture as a local example of a vernacular round dairy barn type.  During this time in Lane County, dairying and creameries continued to develop as a major industry.  The Lake Creek Valley, where the barn is located, was also a thriving timber community with several sawmills, shingle mills, and the churches, schools, post offices and general stores that supported the population in this time frame.  The round barn was and remains a landmark in the community.

The Jacob Clearwater Farmhouse, Springfield
The 1874 Jacob and Missouri Benner Clearwater House is locally significant under National Register Criterion C, in the area of architecture.  The Clearwater family, including sons Jacob and James, participated in the western migration of the mid-to-late 1800s to Oregon, traveling   the Oregon Trail, like so many before them.  The family settled on 320 acres outside of Springfield, Oregon, along the Middle Fork of the Willamette River in the Willamette Valley, in 1865.  They proceeded to clear the land and begin farming the land on which the Jacob Clearwater Farmhouse is still located.  Jacob married Missouri Benner in 1888 and the couple and their family resided at this location, engaging in row crop cultivation, dairy and beef cattle ranching, and hop farming.  Prior to his marriage, Jacob and his father constructed the house known as the Jacob and Missouri Benner Clearwater Farmhouse today.  The house is an excellent, rural example of the Gothic Revival style in Lane County.  It is one of only four previously identified, remaining single-family residences built before 1874 in Springfield.  Although the style and type were once relatively common, the Clearwater Farmhouse is the only example of the centered gable subtype of the Gothic Revival style extant in Springfield today.  The house retains good integrity, and clearly conveys its historic significance, evident in its appearance and style, including its massing, materials, and overall design.

The Portland Sanitarium Nurses' Quarters, Portland
The Nurses' Quarters served the student nurses and full-time nurses of the Portland Sanitarium, a hospital operated by the Seventh Day Adventists. The building is emblematic of the changing position of nursing as an educational field and profession. During the early- and mid-twentieth century, the health care industry was evolving. As the methods of treatment changed, so too did the means of educating medical professionals. At this time nursing education shifted from an apprenticeship-like training regime with long hours of hands-on hospital work to a pre-professional curriculum paired with shifts at the hospital. Improvements and changing features of Nurses' Quarters were parallel to the changes in nursing education and professional nursing, creating less of a room-and-board arrangement and more of a round-the-clock studying and on-call hospital work setting. The Portland Sanitarium Nurses' Quarters is locally significant and eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A for its association with Health/Medicine. This building was designated a historic landmark by the City of Portland on September 25, 2016.

The Pine Grove Community House, Manzanita
Built in 1933, the Pine Grove Community House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A for the building's association with the founding of the City of Manzanita and its local government, establishment of community social events, and the gradual evolution of the town to a full-fledged community and center for coastal recreation.  Pine Grove represents the first tangible civic project of the first residents of Manzanita who, with no early municipal government, formed their own community group to address the needs and management of their small town.  In the absence of more formal, city-run facilities, the Pine Grove Community House served as Manzanita's first City Hall and library.  Pine Grove not only functioned as Manzanita's early central government, but hosted meetings resulting in the formation of the first fire and police departments.  The Pine Grove Community House has grown with the City of Manzanita and served many functions that are now carried on in different facilities, but it was at the Pine Grove that all of these activities began and flourished sufficiently to create the need for expansion beyond the building in which they began.  Among the founders was Ben S. Lane, who would later serve the City of Manzanita as its first mayor and serving the City in that capacity for thirteen years.  Lane's wife, Johanna Lane, brought a love for reading and community service that made the Lanes a formidable couple.  The Pine Grove Community House tells part of the story of coastal recreation towns and the settlement of the Oregon Coast, including the transition from mere vacation destination to a formal community and eventual municipality.

More information about the National Register and recent Oregon listings is online at www.oregonheritage.org<http://www.oregonheritage.org/> (click on "National Register" at left of page).


An Oregon Heritage Tradition must have been in continuous operation for more than 50 years, demonstrate a public profile and reputation that distinguishes it from more routine events, and add to the livability and identity of the state. A list of Tradition designations is available at http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/pages/oht.aspx .

Woodburn Fiesta Mexican<https://www.woodburn-or.gov/?q=node/392> - August 4-6
Astoria Regatta<http://www.astoriaregatta.com/> - August 9-13
Scandinavian Festival<http://scandinavianfestival.com/> - Aug. 10-13
Clackamas County Fair<http://www.clackamas.us/fair/> - August 15-19
Wasco County Fair and Rodeo<https://www.facebook.com/wascofair/> - August 24-27
Oregon State Fair<https://oregonstatefair.org/> - August 25-Sept. 4

A list of Tradition designations is available at http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/pages/oht.aspx .

If you know of an event that you think would qualify as an Oregon Heritage Tradition, visit here<http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/pages/oht.aspx> to learn more about the criteria and how to apply.


Museum Coordinator - Newell Pioneer Village
Permanent three quarter-time (fluctuates seasonally) with a start day of       8/17/2017.   Requirements - minimum of a high school education; reliable transportation; ability to work weekends and holidays during season; museum or teaching experience preferred; grant writing experience a plus.  Duties include but are not limited to: responsible for school group tours and activities; booking and working events including weddings; develop educational programs within a living history environment; and execute and track the day to day financial reporting needs of  the museum complex.  The successful candidate will be a creative problem solver, have strong organizational skills, a team-oriented perspective and will work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary museum. A positive demeanor and the ability to learn new skills quickly are essential traits. We look at each candidate in terms of combined skills.  For a complete job description or to submit cover letter and resume no later than August 5, 2017, email judy at newellpioneervillage.com<mailto:judy at newellpioneervillage.com> or mail to Newell Pioneer Village, 8089 Champoeg Rd NE, St. Paul, OR 97137.  Please do not apply in person.


How do You Save Memories? A Historic Preservation Conversation

Calling all history buffs young and old! Join the City of Gresham for an informative and fun conversation on historic preservation in Gresham and around the state. Memories surround us in the historic landmarks and architecture of Gresham's houses and buildings. Hear about Gresham's historic places and local projects. Plan on guest presentations, a panel discussion, light snacks and a raffle.

This event is open to the public including students, seniors, professionals, organizations and agencies. Let them know you're coming! RSVP today at: https://greshamoregon.gov/Historic-Preservation-Conversation-RSVP-Form/

This event is hosted by the City's Historic Resources Subcommittee and funded with grant support from the State Historic Preservation Office. For more information, contact 503-618-2235.


The Nonprofit Association of Oregon is launching a Financial Success for Nonprofits Certificate program in September exclusively for NAO members. Space is limited and the program is offered once a year.

NAO members will have the opportunity to access this high-quality, flexible and affordable online certificate program that focuses on the business of effective nonprofit financial sustainability. NAO is thrilled to be able to bring this business-focused certificate program to our members working in collaboration with eCornell, Cornell University's online learning platform, as its first nonprofit sector partner in the country!

There are four learn-at-your-own-pace courses that are required to be completed within the year:

  1.  Accessing nonprofits using Financial Statements and Ratios
  2.  Determining Appropriate Budgeting, Debt Financing, and Cash Flow
  3.  Fundraising and Revenue Generation
  4.  Strategically Governing the Organization

To see full details, including start dates for each course, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZlCdH_5PhdrxWH369S9xogbA16Llyx4JgCEqeXw5FYMUabSzSlGc8xzBssyCyTQdO2UVQEfCZjT689Z1BC6ivEfN-r86jdOgoqPoNYn9kJaYhVLaSfht2pEL1RwFxN7zRAaxzaN-4ySJ_fFxIINpoJH-FgQYaT95D_N4R0CxQZhcPTRDMyfZw2ErRRrO0WBzfd7iSDTHyvrqk9zyTjOECILn52Wl2tpWCmiVzV58jrHBIIXKFQMNaA==&c=pFG4UtCv0EHMxFsolkvw0Kv1gQhsUdIucRQ1y9wlM11oV4eez2i46Q==&ch=iB-viPOYy_HUh6FMuXzru5fsAjAo6ocd1XMuVJoNgzL_goN7Aov3FA==>.


The City is currently accepting applications to fill two open positions on the Historic Commission. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Friday, August 25, 2017.

Interviews will be conducted by the City Council at a date to be named following close of the recruitment period. Copies of the application packet are available at the City Manager's Office in City Hall, 225 Fifth Street, 541-726-3700.

The qualifications for membership on the Historic Commission include being appointees of Willamalane Park & Recreation District or Springfield School District #19; or individuals who meet professional  qualifications in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, archeology, or related fields who live within the Metropolitan Area General Plan boundaries; or residents, electors, or property  owners within Springfield. The Springfield Historic Commission is appointed by the City Council and serves to advance the identification, protection, preservation, education, and interpretation of Springfield's cultural heritage and history. As such, the Commission organizes projects and programs to encourage stewardship of the community's historic assets. The Commission also reviews development and restoration requests within the Washburne Historic District and for other Springfield historic resources. Historic Commission meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every other month starting at 5:30pm in City Hall. The candidates appointed to these positions are eligible to serve up to two, four-year terms. One candidate will fill an unexpired portion of a previous Commissioner's term extending through 2018.

For more information, contact Mark McCaffery at 541.736.1003 or at mmccaffery at springfield-or.gov.


The last day of the Society of American Archivist conference in Portland, July 29, is FREE and features a keynote speech by Walidah Imarisha and all are invited to attend!

This free day is part of the Liberated Archive Forum and is scheduled from 8:45am-5:00pm at the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday, July 29. No registration necessary - just plan on showing up. Help spread the word, as they want to see not only YOU there but also welcome members of the communities that you serve.

The Liberated Archive goes beyond good intentions to explore how archivists might partner with the public to repurpose the archive as a site of social transformation and radical inclusion. The morning will kick off with a keynote address featuring a wealth of wisdom from the renowned educator, writer, scholar, and spoken word artist Walidah Imarisha of Stanford University. You can then choose to attend one of ten concurrent panel discussions ranging from "#ArchivesForBlackLives<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/archivesforblacklives?source=feed_text&story_id=1923588704325163>" to "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Show Me Documents That Include Us All." As part of an afternoon "unconference," we'll all get a chance to explore a different kind of outreach that depends on collaboration, communication, and hands-on work to build trusted relationships and make friends and advocates.

For more information visit https://www2.archivists.org/am2017/program/liberated-archive-forum.

Share your photos of Oregon's heritage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #oregonheritage.

Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>.

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