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In this issue:
1. Oregon Heritage Commission grants awarded to museums throughout the state
2. Pen/Jean Stein grant for literary oral history projects
3. Preservation grants for mentorship available
4. WSU's Hanford History Project seeks interview candidates
5. Check out Benson County's Historical Society's collections center!
6. Oregon Heritage Fellows featured on Oregon Heritage Exchange


Oregon Heritage Commission has awarded nearly $60,000 in grants to nine museums throughout the state. The grants will help fund a variety of projects including collection preservation, visitor education and heritage tourism. Award amounts ranged $4,500 - $8,000.

Funded projects:

  *   Clackamas County Historical Society, in Oregon City, for collections inventory and shelving at the Stevens Crawford House.
  *   Deschutes County Historical Society, in Bend, for the "Cruisin' 97" exhibit and geotagging tourism project.
  *   Fort Rock Valley Historical Society and Homestead Museum for repairing the Belltable Home at Fort Rock museum complex.
  *   High Desert Museum, near Bend, for the "By Her Hand" exhibit, and other historic and contemporary indigenous art.
  *   Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum, in Government Camp, to organize and digitize a historic photograph collection.
  *   Oregon Jewish Museum, in Portland, to place online finding aids that link to the museum's object collection.
  *   Oregon Nikkei Endowment, in Portland, to preserve the WWII Minidoka Incarceration Site collection at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center.
  *   Umatilla County Historical Society, in Pendleton, to install the "Umatilla Gold: The History of Wheat in Umatilla County" exhibit.
  *   Willamette Heritage Center, in Salem, to preserve and create a finding aid for over 800 plans created by architectural firm Payne, Settecase and Smith.

The museum grant program is offered annually by the Oregon Heritage Commission, part of the Oregon Heritage program at Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD). The grant program began in 1965 when only 24 organizations were eligible for the program. The Oregon Heritage Commission works to secure, sustain and enhance Oregon's heritage. The Commission sponsors heritage initiatives that educate the public about the value of heritage and celebrate the state's diversity. The Oregon Heritage Commission consists of nine members appointed by the governor and nine agency advisors. Members are chosen from state agencies and statewide organizations, and represent a diverse geographical and heritage background. To learn more about the Oregon Museum Grant or the Oregon Heritage Commission, visit www.oregonheritage.org<http://www.oregonheritage.org> or contact Kuri Gill at Kuri.gill at oregon.gov<mailto:Kuri.gill at oregon.gov> or 503-986-0685.


The PEN/Jean Stein Grant for Literary Oral History recognizes a literary work of nonfiction that uses oral history to illuminate an event, individual, place, or movement. The winner receives a $10,000 grant meant to help maintain or complete his or her ongoing project and will be honored at the annual PEN Literary Awards Ceremony in New York City.
Click to view past winners of the PEN/Jean Stein Grant for Literary Oral History ><https://pen.org/penjean-stein-grant-literary-oral-history-winners/>

Submissions for the 2019 awards cycle will be accepted from June 1, 2018-Aug. 15, 2018. Find more information, including eligibility and how to apply, by visiting here<https://pen.org/literary-award/penjean-stein-grant-for-literary-oral-history-10000/>.


The Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund<http://my.preservationnation.org/site/R?i=y5kECTsi_GAfU9jEjgjVRA> helps build the capacity of existing nonprofit preservation organizations and encourages collaboration among these organizations by providing grants for mentoring and other peer-to-peer and direct organizational development and learning opportunities. The purpose of these grants is to support the leadership and effectiveness of staff and board members of preservation organizations to fulfill their mission and to create a stronger, more effective preservation movement. Grants from this fund reimburse travel costs and provide an honorarium for the mentor up to a maximum total of $2,500.

For more information or to apply visit here<https://forum.savingplaces.org/build/funding/grant-seekers/specialprograms/brink-fund>.


In partnership with the National Park Service Pacific West Regional Office, the Hanford History Project at Washington State University Tri-Cities is pleased to announce a new two-year project - Documenting African American Migration, Segregation, and Civil Rights History at Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Hanford.

The Hanford History Project seeks to conduct oral history interviews with African Americans who worked at Hanford or resided in the Tri-Cities from 1943-1970 and whose stories help illuminate the project's themes. We want to know...What's your Hanford story?

To learn more about this project, or to volunteer to be interviewed, please visit our website at www.tricities.wsu.edu/hanfordhistory<http://www.tricities.wsu.edu/hanfordhistory>. Do you know someone you think would be a good candidate to be interviewed? If so, please email us at ourhanfordhistory at tricity.wsu.edu<mailto:ourhanfordhistory at tricity.wsu.edu> or call (509) 372-7447.


On the OPB website <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001iwDEEaEkkpsJjWGDmh4BZTcECjHj-3eRPHccJpPU_5A8_pul1kDnm5cTDr4ZdwRQy5jImOOZJ8zjKcEfWrx9CbOMo__z1S4qblU1OMa0jad0JTyk57sRndnhn-XaRrglwSR932Jwj3dyXayaGD2IneXZnZZGe5HQdYkgdZp8NQ1ylYRJmikBPa_ujZY9zQF9oOC_oCNp9UuwTDNeEd5PiWsK8rUn1I2-jXOOgUcws1crY1H_pEB2Cd6sKDyzw9oQ&c=YVsPWqxT5xp_epQ3FfkI7ByPJTDS2MuR9BekkI4ofI6opFr8nnBMTg==&ch=6R6SqwKS0afomYKc33N8u7Pjn7jfV9iMJihiTbrcPYeznPvSGrxAyA==> there is a short video featuring BCHS' Mary Gallagher, Collections Manager, giving a behind the scenes look at the Peter and Rosalie Johnson Collections Center in Philomath. See the video here.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001iwDEEaEkkpsJjWGDmh4BZTcECjHj-3eRPHccJpPU_5A8_pul1kDnm5cTDr4ZdwRQy5jImOOZJ8zjKcEfWrx9CbOMo__z1S4qblU1OMa0jad0JTyk57sRndnhn-XaRrglwSR932Jwj3dyXayaGD2IneXZnZZGe5HQdYkgdZp8NQ1ylYRJmikBPa_ujZY9zQF9oOC_oCNp9UuwTDNeEd5PiWsK8rUn1I2-jXOOgUcws1crY1H_pEB2Cd6sKDyzw9oQ&c=YVsPWqxT5xp_epQ3FfkI7ByPJTDS2MuR9BekkI4ofI6opFr8nnBMTg==&ch=6R6SqwKS0afomYKc33N8u7Pjn7jfV9iMJihiTbrcPYeznPvSGrxAyA==>


This year's Oregon Heritage Fellows presented their research at the Oregon Heritage Conference last April in Bend. Check out the most recent Oregon Heritage Exchange Blog<https://oregonheritage.wordpress.com/2018/06/21/oregon-students-researching-oregon/> post to learn more about their research.

Each year Oregon Heritage Fellowships<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/FINASST/Pages/Scholarships.aspx> are awarded to successful applicants who are full time students of an Oregon university or college for researching, writing and presenting a topic related to history, geography, archaeology, cultural heritage, or historic preservation in Oregon. If you want to learn more about the Oregon Heritage Fellowship program and how you can become one, visit https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/FINASST/Pages/Scholarships.aspx.

Share your photos of Oregon's heritage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #oregonheritage.

Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>.

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