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Oregon Heritage News 2019-08-23

In this issue:

  *   Have you checked your local county or tribal Cultural Coalition for grants?
  *   Mitigation spotlight: Jackson County historic newspaper digitization
  *   Restore Oregon 2019 Heritage Barn Workshop, Sept. 14 in Bend
  *   Coos History Museum seeks Executive Director and Education Coordinator
  *   NHPRC grant opportunities for archives outreach and collaboration projects
  *   Need some ideas for getting new members? Here are 101 of them!
  *   Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program will recognize 20 Oregon farms and Ranches Aug. 24
  *   Upcoming AASLH webinars, online courses, and workshops

Have you checked your local county or tribal Cultural Coalition for grants?

Several county and tribal Cultural Coalition grants are open for application so we thought we would encourage folks to look into the grants available through their Coalition.

What are these Cultural Coalitions?
Oregon's 45 county and tribal Cultural Coalitions are funded directly by the Oregon Cultural Trust and are unique to the state. Led by dedicated volunteers, each coalition prioritizes community cultural goals and annually distributes seed grants that address the needs of each county. Among these are Oregon's nine federally recognized tribes, whose cultural contributions are integral to the region's cultural vitality. Each coalition receives a base grant plus additional funds based on population.

For more information or to find the contact for your county or tribal Cultural Coalition, visit here<https://culturaltrust.org/about-us/coalitions/>.

Mitigation spotlight: Jackson County historic newspaper digitization

The Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), located within Oregon Heritage, a division of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, consults with agencies whose projects are subject to state and federal  historic preservation laws. When a project on federal land, or funded, licensed, or permitted by a federal agency, effects a historic property, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 requires that the agency take into consideration those effects. The resolution of any adverse effects is often the development of preservation-minded projects to "mitigate" the impact.

Recently, a project in Jackson County resulted in an adverse effect to the Hopkins Canal. The agreed upon mitigation between the Bureau of Reclamation, Rogue River Valley Irrigation District, and the Oregon SHPO resulted in the digitization of over 4,500 pages of historic newspapers from Jackson County. These pages have been made available to the public on the University of Oregon Library Historic Oregon Newspapers website: https://oregonnews.uoregon.edu/.

For more information on mitigation, visit here<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/SHPO/Pages/preservation_106_examplemitigation.aspx>.

Restore Oregon's 2019 Heritage Barn Workshop, Sept. 14 in Bend

On Saturday, September 14, Restore Oregon will host their annual 2019 Heritage Barn Workshop where barn owners will learn practical solutions from experts on how to maintain, rehabilitate, and adapt old barns for today's needs. Attendees will learn about the history and construction of barns as well as maintenance, stabilization, funding opportunities, and preservation. The workshop will also highlight the crucial steps toward transitioning the family farm to future generations. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience live hand-hewing demonstrations by David Rogers, founder and operator of Logs & Timbers, LLC, who has over 40 years experience in log building restoration.

Heritage barns are an iconic symbol of Oregon's agricultural and rural heritage. With the rapid changes in farming and ranching, diminishing resources, and loss of skilled craftspeople with knowledge of barn preservation and restoration, there is a special urgency for preservationists to partner with the agricultural community. Restore Oregon, through its Heritage Barns Task Force formed in 2011, has made it a priority to bring together the state's most well-versed experts to share their experiences and skills. We are honored to offer this opportunity to support Oregon ranchers, farmers, barn owners, barn enthusiasts, and their allies in sharing their passion for our agricultural heritage and their ability to retain and enhance its usefulness into the future.

The annual Heritage Barn Workshop will be held in Bend at the Bend Park and Recreation District's historic Hollinshead Barn. Restore Oregon has partnered with the Deschutes County Historic Landmarks Commission to provide this exceptional educational opportunity. Space is limited, purchase your tickets today at www.retoreoregon.org<http://www.retoreoregon.org>.

Event Details:

When: Saturday, September 14 from 10 AM - 5:30 PM
Cost: $40 per ticket, includes snacks, lunch with choice of sandwich and side, and beverages
Location: Hollinshead Barn in Bend, Oregon, 1235 NE Jones Rd, Bend, OR 97701

For more information please call 503-243-1923

Coos History Museum seeks Executive Director and Education Coordinator

Overview of the Coos History Museum: The Coos History Museum creates a better understanding of life in Coos County and Oregon's South Coast, past and present, and our place in that life. We do this by collecting and preserving stories, artifacts, photographs, and documents, and by helping create opportunities for people to interpret them in meaningful, thought-provoking, and engaging ways.

Executive Director
The Executive Director is the chief administrative and financial officer reporting to the Board of Directors through its President, and is responsible for the implementation of board policy. The Director will be the local "face" of the Coos History Museum. This position is an essential part of the organization's leadership team, ensuring the Coos History Museum meets its mission and strategic goals. The organization seeks a dynamic leader who is skilled at working with diverse groups, well-versed in non-profit leadership, and experienced in the supervision of volunteers and staff. This position requires working with an active Board many of whom volunteer in the Museum on a daily basis. Management of the $15 million dollar facility is a priority.

For more information on essential job functions, eligibility and application instructions visit https://cooshistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Final_CHM_ED_Position_Announcement_7-18-20191.pdf.

Deadline: Sept. 6, 2019 by 5pm

Education Coordinator
The Education Coordinator is responsible for advancing the Coos History Museum's (CHM) mission to provide excellence in education and engage the local community. The position plays a vital role in teaching critical thinking skills based on the Museum's collection and exhibits, creating educational guides and curriculum, developing tours, and coordinating public programs that interpret history for a broad range of audiences. The Education Coordinator will build on existing programs and implement new ones to deepen community engagement and collaborate with partners to build diverse Museum audiences.

For more information on essential job functions, desired skills and qualifications and application instructions visit https://cooshistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Education-Coordinator-Position-Announcement.pdf.

Deadline: Sept. 16, 2019 by 5pm

NHPRC grant opportunities for archives outreach and collaboration projects

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) is offering the following five types of grants:

Access to Historical Records: Archival Projects<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/archival.html>
For projects that ensure online public discovery and use of historical records collections.

  *   Draft Deadline (optional): August 1, 2019
  *   Final Deadline:   October 3, 2019
Access to Historical Records: Major Initiatives FY 2021<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/major-20.html>
For projects that will significantly improve public discovery and use of major historical records collections.
This program has two phases. You must be invited to submit a Final Proposal

  *   Preliminary Proposals<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/preliminary-proposal/prelim.html>: January 26, 2020
  *   Final Deadline<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/major-20.html>: July 9, 2020
Archives Collaboratives: Implementation Grants<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/collaboratives>
For projects to plan and develop a working collaborative designed to enhance the capacity of small and diverse organizations with historical records collections.
You must have been invited to submit a Final Proposal

  *   Final Deadline: January 16, 2020
Publishing Historical Records in Documentary Editions<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/editions.html>
For projects to publish documentary editions of historical records.
This program has two deadlines:

  *   Final Deadline:   June 12, 2019
  *   Final Deadline:   October 3, 2019
Public Engagement with Historical Records<https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement/engagement.html>
For projects that encourage public engagement with historical records.

  *   Draft Deadline (optional): August 1, 2019
  *   Final Deadline:   October 3, 2019

For more information visit https://www.archives.gov/nhprc/announcement

Need some ideas for getting new members? Here are 101 of them!

"How do we get more members?" seems to be a common phrase we hear amongst heritage organizations in Oregon so we thought we'd pass on this idea list from Wild Apricot.

Check out the full list of ideas here: https://www.wildapricot.com/blogs/newsblog/2019/08/09/ways-to-get-new-members

Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program will recognize 20 Oregon farms and Ranches Aug. 24

The Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program<https://www.facebook.com/ORCenturyFarmRanch/?__tn__=KH-R&eid=ARBgVBFhCDygddKJGbx2014T-aobuATR6JuihvTCyfGRPfsfqr2atIyXCEs2Q2UkzCEBjSj93_CeV6qx&fref=mentions&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCSG_0fLLOLF5EqR41gEf1HRBE6s3iFDAOPXByz_H6LjMP2AZwnXIibEgU9SFcutpw2pzDnpNYd9_eTkOMoT9dJio-nYjF6_4VdHCxm72YWexTsjzXi-x6XbshewWmV0luVSGJGYVBMHWBLqLFOuylo7yyYnRLUDlQRajsFrXhrimAk-bKpMLnTfEl9WfaDRe88Z3LDQ4xZabKNEVEYsDsMjRqQqph66PPxUqBq13lpLGwE-VQK38JTPiQus9SwCMqFbGBCLuSHdqib2CoyLITsBoZNRiMdxTupFvEKWimPueoyaPOgcdRB83Cth6kpS0tu5u5BVaaKE2_9MO-bQdMnahh8YuB-9WM5TbupHVbp6QAhBtcusH_3HYyjxj5ztBiqoRnxCax6j_I-me__hMVBydqus1WywgwB91ljb0cKKhXaak6uBUKg7TVV8I-xpM6rsSYbGANl-GuIYCH2X0c2S7FfQ1smt0oxyr02LhP-1UXPzv_Cgw> will recognize 15 Farms & Ranches and 5 Sesquicentennial Farms & Ranches on Saturday, August 24, 2019, at 11:00 am at the Oregon State Fair in the Picnic Grove Area.

The Oregon Century Farm & Century Ranch Program is a statewide recognition program honoring farmers and ranchers who have worked the same land for at least 100 years. The program is administered through the Oregon Farm Bureau Foundation for Education and is partially funded through a partnership of the Oregon Farm Bureau, Wilco, Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, & OSU Libraries' University Archives. For more information visit here<https://centuryfarm.oregonfb.org/?fbclid=IwAR2nPE_t4iR3Vet0G-1dcIeNaPfc5ywgEfwXngZP0NMCNLVuzRf71q1ICjk> or contact program coordinator Andréa Kuenzi at andrea at oregonfb.org<mailto:andrea at oregonfb.org> or 503-400-7884.

Upcoming AASLH webinars, online courses, and workshops

Sept 9-Nov 1: Online Course:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fonline%252Dcourse%252Dmuseum%252Deducation%252Dand%252Doutreach%252D2019sep%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/kp3KecyV4dOYFL6lHqnHOJhXTmA=123> Museum Education and Outreach
Sept 9- Oct 6: Online Course:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fonline%252Dcourse%252Dproject%252Dmanagement%252D2019sept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/x3_LfA4wJYQSgvPm-UEG1oWjZq8=123> Project Management
Sept 9-Nov 1: Online Course:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fonlinecourse%252Dcollectionsmgmt%252D2019sept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/ccqXq-Kk4PlOX4zOo22ovCHWz6w=123> Collections Management
Sept 12: Webinar:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dboardrelationships%252D2019sept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/1NeNOPWayxka0TmF_KEzlDfbZgs=123> Creating Connextion: Building Partnerships with Your Board Members:
Sept 19: Webinar:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dintroducing%252Dthe%252Dinclusive%252Dhistorians%252Dhandbook%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/mfEGwhyNrjD6wURMIeSmxIy-YFI=123> Introducing the Inclusive Historian's Handbook
Sept 23-24: Workshop:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fworkshop%252Dfocusing%252Don%252Dvisitors%252Dpublic%252Dprogramming%252Dand%252Dexhibits%252Dat%252Dhistory%252Dinstitutions%252D2019%252Dsept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/1bs6O6cbIkJpCXpTl03APn8IdSw=123> Focusing on Visitors: Public Programming and Exhibits at History Institutions in St. Paul, MN
Sept 25: Webinar:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dnewmember%252D2019sept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/zgbzj18JS6VYsJZQLgaN61y58ao=123> New Member Orientation
Sept 30: Online Course:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fonlinecourse%252Dbasicsofarchives%252D2019sept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/3t_R_65Xp7CfUXa54fiCtNX3Ul0=123> Basics of Archives
Sept 30: Online Course:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fonline%252Dcourse%252Dfinancial%252Dmanagement%252D2019sept%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/BzsVo3X3ZnyP3bOX_jz7yft0sqE=123> Introduction to Financial Management
Oct 7: Webinar:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dwhat%252Dis%252Dthe%252Dhistory%252Dleadership%252Dinstitute%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/CTwKW3oUx_2lm0V75n3AO1BafM0=123> What is the History Leadership Institute?
Oct 9: Webinar<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dstepsready%252D2019oct%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/7Hq_BYFRbWYyju4K8uH_7wAYi1s=123>: Is Your Organization Ready for StEPs?
Oct 10: Webinar:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dhistory%252Dcheck%252Din%252Dcivil%252Drights%252Dand%252Dplace%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/I77rGO7QurxDAaqdf1KorlJsCQU=123> History Check-In: Civil Rights and Place
Oct 17-18: Workshop:<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3848091%26ymlink=458820172%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fworkshop%252Dproject%252Dmanagement%252Dfor%252Dhistory%252Dprofessionals%252D2019oct%252F/1/0100016cb0e7dc5f-32943afa-c444-4f9e-8f2e-591643871d36-000000/qk765GT3WHwju7J14uYFrHaIAIc=123> Project Management for History Professionals, Nashville, TN

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Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>.

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