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Oregon Heritage News 2019-08-29

In this issue:

  *   Oregon Heritage awarded $665,000 for historic theater grants
  *   Gresham's Roy E. and Hildur L. Amundsen House most recent listing in the National Register of Historic Places
  *   AHC exhibits award winning upgrades to historic structures in Portland
  *   Hispanic Heritage celebrated at the State Capitol Sept. 14
  *   New brochure for statewide historic properties
  *   Nonprofit Board office training Oct. 19 in North Bend
  *   AASLH launches The Inclusive Historian's Handbook
  *   National Trust Preservation Grants due Oct. 1

Oregon Heritage awarded $665,000 for historic theater grants

Oregon Heritage, a division of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department that also includes the Oregon Main Street Network and the State Historic Preservation Office, was awarded $665,000 in federal grant funding to implement a grant program for the preservation of historic theaters.  The grant was one of nine awarded nationally through the National Park Service Historic Revitalization Subgrant Program.

The grant will support the Oregon Historic Theaters Subgrant Program to offer grants for the preservation of historic theaters in communities with a population below 30,000. The theaters must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places or meet the criteria for listing.

"We're thrilled to bring these dollars to Oregon to support rural historic theaters," said Chrissy Curran, Deputy State Historic Preservation. "They are critical economic drivers and cultural resources for communities."

OPRD will partner with Restore Oregon, a statewide nonprofit, to ensure that historic theaters throughout the state are aware of the grants and to support them through the application process. OPRD will develop the program through the fall and the grant application opening will be announced this winter.

The program focus on theaters was born from several years of collaboration around the state. Pacific Power and Oregon Main Street implemented an outreach program called the "Power of Main Street" to discuss downtown revitalization efforts, downtown needs, and priority projects especially related to energy efficiency.

One of the common threads of these discussions was the importance of historic downtown theaters, and issues ranging from major restoration costs to the challenges of ongoing operations and facility maintenance. The University of Oregon Institute for Policy Research and Engagement was brought in to conduct a study and report the value and needs of historic theaters, with funding from Travel Oregon and others.

The study process brought together organizations around the state including Restore Oregon, Business Oregon, Oregon Film, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust, and the SHPO to find solutions to assist historic theaters. Restore Oregon was funded in part by the Oregon Cultural Trust to move the statewide effort forward.
To learn more about the grant, contact Kuri Gill at Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov<mailto:Kuri.Gill at oregon.gov> or 503-986-0685.

Gresham's Roy E. and Hildur L. Amundsen House most recent listing in the National Register of Historic Places

The Roy E. and Hildur Amundsen House in Portland is among Oregon's latest entries in the National Register of Historic Places. Oregon's State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation (SACHP) recommended the house's nomination at their February 2019 meeting. The National Park Service - which maintains the National Register of Historic Places - accepted the nomination on July 15, 2019.

The Amundsen House was designed by Harold Amundsen for his parents, Roy E. and Hildur Amundsen, when he was a student at the University of Oregon. Built in 1961, the Amundsen House is locally significant for its architecture as an excellent, intact example of a Wrightian-styled, architect-designed residence in Gresham's Northwest Neighborhood. The house displays many distinctive characteristics of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian designs in its small size, slab-on-grade foundation with radiant floor heat, horizontal emphasis, natural ornamentation, use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, central hearth, and minimal ornamentation.

The Amundsen House has had only three owners since its design and construction. The house has retained its original materials and it has not been adversely altered from its original design. Necessary repairs have been sensitive to the house's design, and the largest alteration to the building was the addition of a slight pitch to the roofline, which is not visible from the right of way. The Roy E. and Hildur L. Amundsen House is an excellent example of the type and is remarkably intact and unaltered.

The Roy E. and Hildur L. Amnundsen House is now one of 10 individually listed properties in the City of Gresham that are listed in the National Register. The National Register is maintained by the National Park Service under the authority of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

More information about the National Register and recent Oregon lists is online at www.oregonheritage.org<http://www.oregonheritage.org> (click on "National Register" at left of page).

Properties listed in the National Register are:

  *   Recognized as significant to the nation, state, or community;
  *   Considered in the planning of federal or federally assisted projects;
  *   Eligible for federal and state tax benefits;
  *   Qualify for historic preservation grants when funds are available;
  *   Eligible for leniency in meeting certain building code requirements;
  *   Subject to local laws pertaining to the conservation and protection of historic resources.

National Register listing does not place any restrictions on a property at the state or federal level, unless property owners choose to participate in tax benefit or grant programs.

AHC circulates pop-up exhibit on award winning upgrades to historic structures in Portland

Unreinforced Masonry & Seismic Resilience exhibit
September 7-21

Unreinforced Masonry (URM) buildings present a challenge for earthquake-prone communities. There are over 1,650 URM buildings in Portland and millions around the world. These structures are important historic, architectural, cultural, and economic landmarks, but their vulnerability to earthquakes imperils these buildings and the people in them. The AHC presents this exhibit from a recent URM Seismic Resilience Symposium<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001yR-5lWcjDufPIagk9WlaaezXYUGdsR9B2AAkVBM_gJRTW4Rj2Wg6QZ2e9WLbE7QEeutCuRrFw0uL4sfKFfw7qVU4H-2NCe4vim3cVDFw2A1BMufke5l1U9Q8eBYBFsXDs1sQvbRjsCFV8QHN2d5AVVC-wkcqfOKLgh9O-H-BxJ8=&c=BwAkYWfNzy93eMWqB9ixeqoLu-NQmgklntJtQu67-FGHNBV8b9RbvA==&ch=2K6O23dmpfNicjRtKFj8dZhz-d0IdoCQljF7-dTupYSkz_oSTRNMAQ==> held in Portland. The series of panels showcase award-winning seismic upgrades to historic structures in Portland and elsewhere.

Hispanic Heritage celebrated at the State Capitol Sept. 14

National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, 2019, will be celebrated with a kick-off event at the Oregon State Capitol on Saturday, September 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free and the public is invited to attend, rain or shine. The four-hour event, which includes family-friendly activities like musical entertainment, crafts, exhibits, speakers and more, is sponsored by the Oregon State Capitol Foundation as part of the Capitol History Gateway project.

This year performances will be given by the Woodburn High School Mariachi Band, Peña Charra del Oeste (Horsemen of the West), MB Peru Baili Asi (Peruvian folklore dances), master guitarist Maria Olaya and Inka Jam, a band that plays music from Central and South Americas. All performances will be in the Capitol Rotunda.

Master guitarist Maria Olaya will also be giving a free 30-minute guitar "lesson" to interested parties in hearing room D at 1 p.m., which immediately follows her performance.

Special Saturday events are also a great opportunity for families to take the tower tour, which enables visitors to go to the top of the Capitol and get close to the Oregon Pioneer. That tour will be given at 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. and are weather permitting, and capacity controlled.

This celebration is one in a series of special events which invites Oregonians into "the people's building" on a Saturday, while offering a fun and educational family experience.  Parking around the Capitol is free on the weekends. More information can be found at www.oregoncapitol.com<http://www.oregoncapitol.com> or by calling Visitor Services at 503-986-1388.

New brochure for statewide historic properties

Over the past year, Shelton McMurphey Johnson House (SMJ House) has led a $15,000 Willamette Valley Visitors Association competitive grant as part of the Regional Cooperative Tourism Program to provide a tourism product specific to historic house/building museums around the state. The full color tourist brochure arrived from the printer recently and began to go on display this week.

The multi-panel full color brochure features 34 properties around the state. Deepwood Museum and Gardens Executive Director Yvonne Putze in Salem was one of the first partners to write a letter of support for the project last year. "We are excited to align with and support the endeavor for regional historic museums collateral and other joint marketing endeavors."

This specific type of collateral is to bring a spotlight to these important cultural organizations that exist around the state, but most importantly a resource for travelers seeking insight and direction to historical attractions while in the area for sports events or conventions. SMJ House Executive Director Leah Murray says, "We are often invisible, even to our local community members, because they are often not our target market for our daily tours. Our advertising funds, if they exist at all, are often used to seek out tourism dollars."

Oregon has relatively few historic property museums, which are mostly rural and far flung. The Portland area has the highest density of these museums, with the rest mostly scattered down the I-5 corridor like the Monteith House in Albany, the Rogue River Ranch in Agness, and the Floed-Lane House in Roseburg. Off the beaten path, there is Baldwin Hotel Museum in Klamath Falls, The Patrick Hughes House in Port Orford, and the Kam Wah Chung & Co. State Heritage Site in John Day.

The first of the 40,000 printed brochures were put in the mail to chambers across Oregon. "One of the core reasons for this project was to increase our visibility across the state." says Murray, who initiated the project in 2018. While writing the grant, she learned that many of the smaller museums don't even have the budget to be a member of their local Chamber of Commerce, let alone across the state. "This grant gave all of us the opportunity to create a significant amount of a high-quality tourism collateral that can be distributed everywhere, not just in our own communities." And the money stayed local. The brochure was designed by Rainsong Design of Eugene and printed through Dirt Cheap Copies of Cottage Grove.

You can find the brochure online here (scroll down the page): https://smjhouse.org/visit-contact/neighborhood-attractions/

Nonprofit Board office training Oct. 19 in North Bend

Are you a board officer who has assumed a new role and wonders if you understand the full scope of the position duties and expectations? Do you have questions about how the board officer team can work together to achieve the best results for your organization?

Whether you are an experienced board member, or new to board service, this training will strengthen your effectiveness in your position.
When & Where
Saturday, October 19, 2019
9:00am - 3:30pm (lunch included)
The Mill Casino
3201 Tremont Ave, North Bend, OR 97459

Early Registration until Oct. 5, 2019
$60 per person or $50 per person with a group of 3 or more

After Oct. 5, 2019
$75 per person or $65 per person with a group of 3 or more

Training includes:

  *   Rights and Responsibilities of Board Members
  *   President / President Elect Track Training
  *   Secretary / Secretary Elect Track Training
  *   Treasurer / Treasurer Elect Track Training
  *   Bringing the Team Together - Team Training and Practical Exercise


Cynthia Cumfer
Attorney (Retired)

Kay Sohl
Nonprofit Consultant
Kay Sohl Consulting

David Atkin, Esq.
Center for Nonprofit Law

Joe Kroll
Internal Revenue Service

Alexis James
Director, Training and Organization Development
Cascade Employers Association

Katherine DeYoung, CPA
Nonprofit Board Training and Resources

Kirk Harvey, CFE
Chief Investigator (Retired)
Oregon Dept. of Justice
Charitable Activities Section

More info here<https://files.constantcontact.com/6224f2b2701/37c72140-d321-4200-a25f-e7dc4b775c07.pdf>, register here<https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07egjz05l70bd7b298&oseq=&c=&ch=>.

AASLH launches The Inclusive Historian's Handbook

The American Association for State & Local History in Partnership with the National Council on Public History debuted The Inclusive Historian's Handbook<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3856401%26ymlink=465780804%26finalurl=http%253A%252F%252Finclusivehistorian%252Ecom%252F/1/0100016cde76139b-92c95130-19ab-463d-b36d-2c14b457fbd9-000000/VvrDHhxBivLNqzd01yo_hQagNz8=125>, a co-sponsored digital resource designed to center inclusivity, diversity, equity, and public service in public history work.

The project-a living digital project comprised of entries examining all facets of public history work in the lens of these core values-launches today at inclusivehistorian.com<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3856401%26ymlink=465780804%26finalurl=http%253A%252F%252Finclusivehistorian%252Ecom%252F/2/0100016cde76139b-92c95130-19ab-463d-b36d-2c14b457fbd9-000000/4v7Z-i9ZeyNGC6IlX1seFxwCSxk=125> with twenty entries, including "Accessibility," "Civic Engagement," "Food History," "Plantations," "Sexuality," and more. Entries will continue to be added over the next year, for a final first edition of one hundred entries.

You can read more about the Handbook from its co-editors on the blog<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3856401%26ymlink=465780804%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252F%253Fs%253Dinclusive%252Bhistorian%252527s%252Bhandbook/1/0100016cde76139b-92c95130-19ab-463d-b36d-2c14b457fbd9-000000/sMZAVcdLrOJfp6GehhdVDOa0xJM=125>, as well as the next issue of History News, of which it will be the primary focus. If you're in Philadelphia for #AASLH2019, please stop by the AASLH booth in the Liberty Foyer any time during the conference and visit the Community Conversations area from 10:00-10:45 am on Saturday, August 31 to chat with the Handbook's editors and advisory committee.

If you're not in Philadelphia, there is a free interactive webinar<https://458rl1jp.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Faaslh.site-ym.com%2Flink.asp%3Fe=katie.henry@oregon.gov%26job=3856401%26ymlink=465780804%26finalurl=https%253A%252F%252Faaslh%252Eorg%252Fevent%252Fwebinar%252Dintroducing%252Dthe%252Dinclusive%252Dhistorians%252Dhandbook%252F/1/0100016cde76139b-92c95130-19ab-463d-b36d-2c14b457fbd9-000000/V4-sZvhim94S_Tc4d1GKBPtOnfY=125> on Sept. 19 with authors and members of the advisory committee, where we'll discuss the contents of the Handbook, as well as how to incorporate it into your practice.

Check out the handbook here: https://inclusivehistorian.com/

National Trust Preservation Grants due Oct. 1

Applications are now open for the October round of the National Trust Preservation Fund Grants. Grant applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on October 1.

Grants from the National Trust Preservation Funds encourage preservation at the local level by providing seed money for planning and education projects. Grants range up to $5,000 and require a dollar-for-dollar match.

Full eligibility requirements and grant guidelines, along with a link to the application, can be found at Forum.SavingPlaces.org/funding<https://us.e-activist.com/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=289111&ea.campaigner.email=DheinyePr9pVzTNxl0rcdsS5Hda7Kfnj&ea.campaigner.id=X%2BI2NXledwyZkArzVWMSmA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>

Share your photos of Oregon's heritage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #oregonheritage.

Oregon Heritage News is a service of Oregon Heritage, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The news editor can be contacted at heritage.info at oregon.gov<mailto:heritage.info at oregon.gov>.

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