[Heritage] 2019 Oregon Heritage Summit - Early Bird Rate Ends in ONE WEEK!

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2019 Oregon Heritage Summit - Early Bird Rate Ends in ONE WEEK!

There is ONE WEEK(ish) left to get the best price possible for attending the 2019 Oregon Heritage Summit<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/docs/2019_Heritage_Summit_Scholarship.pdf>. The early bird rate ends April 4 and the rate will increase from $85 to $110.

We know that learning about how to build a better board is a bit like eating broccoli but we PROMISE that a strong board yields better results for the important heritage work you are doing in your community.

The 2019 Heritage Summit digs deeply into the theory and practice of great boards- what a good board looks like, how every board needs to reflect the individual purpose and community it serves, and how organizations can build and sustain a strong board team. Strong board leadership is vital to the ability of an organization to meet its mission. Yet, like all non-profits, heritage organizations have a million competing priorities.

We know heritage organizations rely on a mix of paid and unpaid (often all-volunteer) workers to fulfill their missions. We know the real capacity concerns organizations have when they are giving it their all to keep the doors open and the lights. We also know that it might feel like your organization doesn't have extra time to devote to board recruitment and training. Like eating your broccoli, making adjustments to board governance procedures may not always be the most appealing thing on your plate!

Yet, like broccoli, good governance is fundamental to an organization's health. We're confidently making the case that board procedures matter and that your organization should carve out the time to attend the 2019 Heritage Summit. Here are a couple reasons why:

*         Instituting best practices at the board level will set the tone for all work done at an organization.

*         Effective governance focuses priorities, increases efficiency, and drives an organization's mission.

*         Informed board members are more confident and effective in their community ambassador role, which opens access to greater opportunities and resources.

*         Board members don't just magically know what to do. Making informed decisions, conducting strategic planning and fulfilling high-level oversight takes training.

The point? Eat your broccoli--attend the 2019 Heritage Summit! Leave with concrete ideas to apply to your organizations when you get home.

The Oregon Heritage Commission believes in this Summit so much that it allotted some money to be used for scholarships to get heritage folks to the Summit. Below are two different opportunities for scholarships:

*         2019 Oregon Heritage Summit Scholarship<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/docs/2019_Heritage_Summit_Scholarship.pdf> - a $300 scholarship that is available to organizations that send two or more representatives to the Summit, one of which must be a board member. First-come, first -serve.

*         Central/Southeastern Oregon Technical Assistance Scholarship - $500 available to organizations in the following counties that send one or more representatives: Grant, Harney, Malheur, Lake, Crook, Deschutes, Wheeler, and Jefferson County. Contact Katie.Henry at oregon.gov<mailto:Katie.Henry at oregon.gov> or 503-986-0671 to get an application. First-come, first-serve.

You can find more information and register for the Summit here<https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/HCD/OHC/docs/2019_Heritage_Summit_Scholarship.pdf>. If you have any questions at all about the Summit, please contact Beth Dehn at Beth.Dehn at oregon.gov<mailto:Beth.Dehn at oregon.gov> or 503-986-0696.

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