May is Heritage Month and this is the final week of Oregon Heritage guidance in creating your Pocket Response Plan (PReP). We encourage you to complete your plan as one of your Heritage Month activities.


Step six of the PReP involves defining the locations of your organizationís Disaster Recovery Plan. Key staff should keep printed copies of the plan in their offices, with additional copies available in areas accessible to other staff and volunteers. You might also consider keeping a printed copy in a secure, remote location and, additionally, an electronic version that is accessible remotely.


Remember, the PReP is not a substitute for a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. The PReP is a reference tool that defines the most important tasks for staff to address during the first hours after an event takes place.


Congratulations for completing your Pocket Response Plan! Your organization now qualifies for an incentive payment from the Connecting to Collections Project, funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. For more information, email Mike Gushard or call him at (503) 986-0671.




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