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Initiative Petition

To:              All Interested Parties

From:          Lydia Plukchi, Compliance Specialist

Date:           August 8, 2017

Subject:        Initiative Petition 2018-026 Procedural Constitutional Determination

The Secretary of State is responsible for reviewing each initiative petition to ensure they comply with the procedural requirements established in the Oregon Constitution.

Accordingly, after review and consistent with the Secretary's duty to uphold the Oregon Constitution's procedural requirements, the Secretary has rejected Initiative Petition 2018-026, proposed for the November 6, 2018, General Election.

Draft Ballot Title Caption

Amends Constitution: Removes limitation on court orders increasing education funding; eases requirements to raise corporate taxes

Chief Petitioners

Jennifer Scurlock

966 Waverly Street Eugene, OR 97401

Benjamin Gorman

898 Morning Glory Drive Independence, OR 97351


The Secretary has determined it does not comply with the procedural requirements established in the Oregon Constitution for initiative petitions. In particular, the Secretary has determined that the Initiative Petition does not comply with the separate-vote requirement of Article XVII, section 1.

In making the determination the Secretary of State reviewed the text of Initiative Petition 2018-026, considered all procedural constitutional requirement comments filed, and received counsel from the Attorney General.

More information is contained in the IRR Database available at www.oregonvotes.gov.

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