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Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
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Hello!  I just received the following question, and thought you all might like to know the answer.

Katie, maybe I am misunderstanding but it seems that some of the Oregon libraries are misunderstanding the copyright issue - basically to not compete with items already sold by Highsmith/upstart? I think they are seeing it as all clipart being copyrighted by highsmith and unable to be used by them when in fact they can use the clipart for their everything that is not duplicating what highsmith currently sales in their catalog? If I'm wrong on this, please correct me.

Yes, you are correct!  Both the clip-art in the manual and by the artists can be used for products that do not duplicate what Highsmith currently offers.

The clarification is around what is considered a duplication of paper products.  For example, many libraries around the country have different reading goals/records, therefore the reading records offered by Highsmith don't work for them.  In the past we thought it was OK to use the clip-art to create our own reading record because Highsmith didn't offer a similar reading record.  This year we learned that since Highsmith offers a reading record we can't use the clip-art to create a different type of reading record.  We can still use the art on sign-up forms, events calendars, booklists, event promotions/signs/brochures, and other materials not available to purchase from Highsmith/Upstart.


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