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Good afternoon,
In late September, your Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP)
representatives initiated and took part in a teleconference with Karen
Drevo, Chair of CSLP’s Rules of Use Committee. The purpose of this call
was to go over in detail the organization’s Rules of Use regarding
allowable use of copyrighted artwork, to clarify what options libraries
have when they are considering customizing print and non-print items,
and to share the feedback many of you provided. The significant points
of that conversation are highlighted below.

Libraries who want to create their own printed materials incorporating
that year’s artwork (bookmarks, certificates, reading records or logs)
because the comparable product offered by Upstart doesn't meet their
specific needs MUST receive permission from Upstart.
To receive permission, libraries are required to contact Matt Mulder,
the Upstart representative, via telephone [608-757-4669]by October 15th
to explain their intent and the desired quantity of the item. THE DESIGN
When a library contacts Upstart to discuss customized print items, this
activates the First Right of Refusal procedure: Upstart will listen to
your request, then make one of the following decisions: 
Upstart will agree to create the customizable item and, within one
week, inform the library of the total estimated cost of doing so

Upstart will opt to not create the customizable item, giving you the
freedom to move forward with creating your own. 
Matt Mulder confirmed that, in most cases, orders less than 10,000 are
too small for Upstart to create. However, even if you suspect your order
is probably too small, you still MUST call Upstart and go through the
First Right of Refusal process. A simple phone call to Matt will provide
final determination, most likely granting permission to use the art in
your customized print materials
If the decision is that Upstart will produce the customized print
items, the item’s layout and design does not need to be received by
Upstart until approximately 60 days before the actual item is needed.
For example, if you don’t need your customized reading logs until May
1st, you have until late February or early March to submit the final
design to Upstart.
If the decision is that Upstart will produce the customized print items
but the library determines they can’t meet the price quote, libraries
may choose to pass on Upstart’s bid and use an alternate or in-house
vendor instead for the product. This product may contain words and
images that relate to the CSLP theme, but NOT the actual artwork and
fonts created by Upstart’s contracted artist. 
New news! The DVD that accompanies the CSLP Summer Reading Manual is
supposed to include a customizable reading record. If it isn’t on the
actual disc this year, it will still be available to member libraries
online via the CSLP website. 
Any print item may be purchased from Upstart and “customized” to
include specific library information (i.e., name, address, program
rules, special events, and the like) by affixing an adhesive label on
the item or printing on the reverse/blank side of an item.  For example,
you may print customized reading log instructions on the back of
recordspurchased from Upstart. Similarly, you may print specific library
information on a label and affix it to the back of bookmarks purchased
from Upstart. 

NON-PRINT ITEMS:Libraries who want specific non-print items (t-shirts,
water bottles, temporary tattoos, etc.) that are already offered through
Upstart may NOT use the artwork or CSLP logo on those in-house or
locally produced items. They may use other art that corresponds with the
CSLP theme on those specific items that they want, but not the
copyrighted artwork for that year.
Libraries who want specific non-print items that are NOT already
offered through Upstart (i.e., whistle, Slinky, or other unique
incentive) may complete and submit an online Proposal for Customized
Items form to the CSLP Rules of Use Chair. Once submitted, the library
will receive a release form, who will submit it with the order to the
other vendor so that vendor knows they can use the art.

If you already know that you will create your own reading records next
summer AND WANT TO USE CSLP ARTWORK/LOGOS, you MUST go through the First
Right of Refusal procedure even if you need a quantity less than 10,000.
Please contact CSLP’s Upstart rep Matt Mulder at 608-757-4669 no later
than October 15th so that they can accept or decline the customized item
If you want to see Upstart’s 2011 CSLP Summer Reading catalog before
making the decision to create your own reading records, the catalog is
now available online. To access it, you MUST register for a username and
password on the CSLP website. The information to do this may be found at
www.cslpreads.org/component/comprofiler/registers.html. Once logged in,
look for the menu tab labeled "Order" which will connect you to the
Upstart catalog.
The over-all message Karen Drevo expressed regarding the feedback from
Oregon was communicate, communicate, communicate! At this time Karen has
not heard from any other states or individual CSLP members regarding
Rules of Use. She invites you to call her [402-844-2108] if you still
have questions or concerns about the CSLP Rules of Use. Karen prefers to
discuss the Rules of Use via phone because the issue is complex and
usually requires an in-depth conversation. Please remember that Karen
may be difficult to reach because she too is a full-time youth
librarian. Emailing her in advance [kdrevo at ci.norfolk.ne.us (
about:kdrevo at ci.norfolk.ne.us )] to set up a time to talk on the phone
is most effective. CSLP is truly a collaborative, so your voice is
necessary to shape the work that is done.       
Upstart genuinely believes and supports the mission of CSLP and
libraries, and wants to ensure that all products affiliated with CSLP
are successfully meeting library needs. This can’t occur, though,
without the input from member libraries! The more you talk with Upstart
directly, the better they will understand the needs of CSLP member
With this email, your CSLP representatives hope that your library can
fully consider all your options, and proceed with confidence into the
2011 year!
Susan Ludington

Teen Services Librarian
Salem Public Library
sludington at cityofsalem.net

All Oregon public, volunteer, and tribal libraries are members of the
Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), and receive a free summer
reading manual. To get the most out of your membership, create an
account on the CSLP website (www.cslpreads.org) and you will be able to
access additional summer reading resources. CSLP membership dues and
manual fees are paid for by the State Library with LSTA funds. Summer
reading manuals are distributed by OLA’s Children’s Services Division,
and both CSD and OYAN members represent you on CSLP committees and at
the CSLP annual meeting. For more information contact one of your CSLP
Paige Bentley, CSD Summer Reading Chair: paigeb at dpls.lib.or.us
Kendra Jones, CSD In-coming Summer Reading Chair: KendraM at wccls.org
Susan Ludington, OYAN CSLP Liaison: sludington at cityofsalem.net
Katie Anderson, CSLP Oregon State Representative:
katie.anderson at state.or.us
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