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Hi!  Last week Victoria Campbell, youth librarian at Beaverton City Library, and I had an email exchange about their first use of the Every Child Ready to Read 2nd Edition (ECRR 2nd Ed).  It wasn't perfect, but there was so much interest from the community they had to add a second session!  With Victoria's permission, I'm sharing the email she sent me about their experience and what they would do differently next time-there will definitely be a next time!

Have any of you tried ECRR 2nd Edition?  If so, how did it go?  Any advice?

For those of you who don't have the new curriculum yet:

*         It is available to purchase from ALA at: http://www.alastore.ala.org/detail.aspx?ID=3404

*         It will be available to check out from the State Library soon.  I will send out the info via this listserv announcing it.

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Hi Katie

I just wanted to report that on October 6th, we held our first ECRR2 class - Fun with Science and Math for Parents & Children it was filling up so fast my team added a section a second session two weeks before (we've never done that before).  Any way between the 2 of them we had 66 attendees!  We are excited to try out the others next year!  It does need to still be tweaked a little because it was a little too much talking with those wiggle toddler and preschoolers present.  Our numbers for the ECRR1 workshops had been going down, down, down so this was refreshing.

We did have some thoughts on how to improve the workshop though (From my co-presenters - Sarah and Jennifer).

*         Add lots of short songs and finger plays to focus the group after activities and long dialogs.

*         Give plenty of time for families to interact with books-we used the butterfly example from the workshop and the parents really got into it-reading the words and talking about the pictures, and because the parents were so involved the children were, too. It was a really nice moment of the program, and gave us time to clean up the previous interactive lab.

*         Because of the number of children and the short amount of time we had for the measuring activity children took turns standing at the wall and we put a piece of masking tape on the wall to mark their height and labeled it with the child's age. Then we used a tape measure only the tallest and the shortest to test our hypothesis.

*         The activities were the favorite part of the program, the long bouts of talking were the least favorite part.

*         Talk less than the script (talking points)

*         Do more hands on activities (we did 2, I'd suggest at least 3). People loved the ice activity.

Victoria Campbell
Beaverton City Library

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