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WHAT: 2011 OregonASK Afterschool Conference
WHEN: Saturday, October 22
WHERE: French Prairie Middle School, 1025 N Boones Ferry Road, Woodburn, Oregon 97070
MORE INFORMATION: http://www.orpa.org/cde.cfm?event=361376

QUESTIONS: email afterschoolresource at oregonask.org<mailto:afterschoolresource at oregonask.org> or call (503) 540-4481
REGISTER: http://www.orpa.org/displayconvregister.cfm?convnbr=10571
WHY: This is an opportunity to get more training in:

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning
Engaging Youth Through Innovative Technology Curricula --- Presenter: Laura Enman
TechREACH will provide strategies to foster a supportive learning environment and instruct on how to incorporate technology to engage underrepresented students in science and technology fields.  Educators will learn how to inspire student interest in STEM education and careers.  Participants will receive sample activities and resources and discuss how they might incorporate them into their programs.

Explosions, Potions and Flying Objects --- Presenter: Joy Knight
Science is fun for both children and adults. Lets explore what makes an exciting and memorable science experience for the children you work with. While we perform the experiments, fly the objects and mix the potions, we will discuss how this is a learning experience for children and keeps them asking for more.

Teen development and how to work with teens
Teens: Who, What, Why, and How?
--- Presenter: Susan Smallreed (Multnomah County Library!)
Ever wonder why teens behave as they do?  Tear your hair out trying to cope with them? Don't know how to program for them?  Come learn about teen brain development, developmental stages, and discuss strategies for working with them to the benefit of all.

Working with children with special needs
ADD/ADHD Attention Variable syndrome AVS: What We Know and What We Are Learning --- Presenter: Laurie Van-Si
In this workshop about AVS we will learn the neurological conditions of AVS or ADD/ADHD and three prominent symptoms that accompany it.  Explore the differences in the child who has ADD vs. ADD/ADD/HD, hyper vs. hypo functioning; use of medications and alter natives, intervention tools, classroom management ideas and accommodations; and different cognitive processing- its problems and its gifts.

Accommodations for Children with Autism  --- Presenter: Mary Shea
This session will equip professionals with strategies to facilitate inclusion for children with autism spectrum disorders. Participants will address common assumptions about autism, and learn how to provide environmental and interpersonal accommodations. The workshop also presents strategies that support positive behavior, communication and sensory needs.

Programming for middle school students
The Joys of Middle School Programming: --- Presenter: Facilitated Panel Discussion
Middle school programs have unique challenges and experiences.  Join us as our panel from a middle school program discusses helpful tips, resources and things to consider when offering afterschool programs to middle school students.

Integrating art into programming
Meet Art:  A Hands-On Introduction to Amazing Artists!
--- Presenter: Paige Bentley-Flannery (Deschutes Public Library!)

In this workshop, you will explore Paige's favorite art books, while discovering ways to interact with art!  Paige will bring in piles and piles of books, colorful paper, crazy art supplies, and many strange yet silly objects.  Get ready to yell out words and splatter paint.  This is a creative interactive workshop filled with educational resources, silliness and fun.

Cultural competency
Diversity in Afterschool --- Presenter: Dr. Adrian Haugabrook
Our world is diverse with many different cultures, communities, families and students.  Join us as we discuss what diversity in afterschool looks like, tools and resources for increasing you and your staff's cultural competence, and how celebrating the diverse nature of your program participants creates a culture of respect and authentic engagement.
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