[kids-lib] Performer recommendation

Rebecca Cohen storyweaver at newportlibrary.org
Thu Sep 22 10:46:39 PDT 2011

Dear Colleagues,

The Lincoln County libraries had new (to us) performers this year, Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth, that we found to be excellent for our audiences, easy to work with and reasonable about costs.  They are already working on a show that will fit next year's summer reading theme, "Dream Big, Read!", that will include new original songs.  Their shows feature music, comedy and ventriloquism, are highly interactive, lively and engaging.  They also do a great deal of reading promotion, seamlessly, within their show.  If you want to know more, their website is http://beep.8k.com/ and they have many videos on YouTube.  I look forward to having them back at Newport Public Library.

Making this recommendation is of no benefit to myself or my library.

Rebecca Cohen

Newport Public Library

storyweaver at newportlibrary.org

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