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The Oregon Education Investment Board's STEM Council (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has announced some grant opportunities that could be great for library involvement. Right now, they are seeking proposals for forming STEM Hubs.  The Hub concept is to create regional, education-based community partnerships.  These Hubs will then be the recognized centers for organizing and pursuing various projects in their stated area of interest.  In this case: science education that includes the key principles of Oregon's Education Reforms including a strong focus on the underserved, underachieving and below poverty level children in Oregon.  If you go to their link, you will see that Oregon STEM Council's number one goal is: "Double the percentage of students in 4th and 8th grades who are proficient or advanced in mathematics and science, as determined using a nationally representative assessment of students' knowledge in mathematics and science."

Libraries could get in touch with existing, or jump on some new school/community partnerships and submit a proposal that would include libraries as an integral part of a Hub in their area.

Learn more online at:

*         STEM Hub grants: http://www.ode.state.or.us//wma/opportunities/grants/regional_stem_hub_grant_2014-15.doc<http://www.ode.state.or.us/wma/opportunities/grants/regional_stem_hub_grant_2014-15.doc>.

*         STEM Council info: http://education.oregon.gov/Pages/STEM-Council.aspx

*         Minnesota STEM site that graphically shows the connection between early learning and early science! (We should totally borrow this!): http://www.mncompass.org/education/stem/overview

Questions? Contact Kat Davis, retired Pendleton Public Library director, at queenbee at wtechlink.us<mailto:queenbee at wtechlink.us>

A few things to get you thinking:

What cool possibilities could there be to partner with museums and certified interpreters from various parks, science-based organizations and non-profits around the state to provide informal, free (grant funded), accessible science-based activities?

What if libraries took initiative to help form STEM Hubs (libraries can be community partners, but schools/colleges must be the lead applicants)? These Hubs must include schools, a college, community-based child-focused partners and a connection to the business/job market.  The Hubs would focus projects and activities on building interest, proficiency and continuing educational opportunities towards ultimate employability in science fields.

Libraries should be active partners in this!

"Project Ready2Learn" is an innovative project that addresses the early learning components of the OEIB's Early Learning Council. R2L serves birth through kindergarten. Could a similar, related or tangential program to Ready2Learn be designed to address the need to inspire children in science in their early elementary years?  R2L stops at kindergarten when all children complete their kindergarten assessment.  "Ready2Learn Science" could be developed as a program to meet the needs of k - 4th grade, when students receive their first standardized test in science. :All kids in the program get a Ready2Learn (Science) card. Any time it is swiped for check out of related items or awesome interpretive programs, a small cash amount goes into their Oregon College Savings Plan account. When the kids hit the testing, it would be possible to compare an amalgam of scores for those who participated in the program vs those who did not.  Voila! You have that measurable OUTCOME that is so hard to get for programs where the organization doesn't "own" the clients (like schools do their students). R2L Webpage: http://www.ready2learnoregon.org/

The 2014 summer reading theme at all public libraries nation-wide is SCIENCE. Could be a wonderful springboard!

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