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I just read this very short (5 mins) article<http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2012/12/k-12/libraries-app-up-storytime-libraries-use-ipads-and-apps-to-engage-kids-and-parents-but-concerns-remain/> that provides pros, cons, and examples of how libraries are using iPads in storytimes and apps in the library.

Here are some highlights copied and pasted from the article:

*         Darien plans to mount iPads in different sections of the children's library, with apps that correspond to each section. A real impetus here is the Common Core standards. "This notion of informational content will spur a lot more excitement about apps such as NatGeo,"

*         relying on apps for storytelling dilutes the key ingredient in a child's development: human interaction. Kleckner adds that the benefits-and possible risks-of using apps are not yet well known. "My main concern is the vulnerabilities as [children's] brains develop,"

*         advocates and dissenters alike agreed that apps are here to stay. Nelson says her library will begin curating a list of reputable and age-appropriate apps by 2013. "Whether we like it or not, that genie's out of the bottle, so we have to manage it effectively," she says.

As the article says, this technology is here to stay so we have to manage it effectively regardless of our opinions. There are a lot of good resources on our website<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/youthsvcs/rfhf.resource.kit.year.two.aspx#Media_Literacy__RFHF_Years_2___3_> to help you and parents match developmentally appropriate media to individual kids. For example, the Three C's approach:

*         Content - What is the basic premise? How is it designed? Does it have repetition? Are new words defined by pointing or labeling? Can I teach my child these skills and concepts without this media?

*         Context - Who is interacting with the child? How do parents talk about what's on the screen? Is the child learning through a game, then applying that in another activity? Is the child telling stories about what he or she has experienced?

*         Child - How much stimulation can this child take? What scares her? What types of media trigger the most curious questions, playful reenactments, engagement and joy? Does this child have the skills required to do this activity successfully?  How will this child react to or engage with this media?

If the hyperlink doesn't work, try copying and pasting these URL's in your browser:

*         Article: http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2012/12/k-12/libraries-app-up-storytime-libraries-use-ipads-and-apps-to-engage-kids-and-parents-but-concerns-remain/

*         Media Literacy information and resources: http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/youthsvcs/rfhf.resource.kit.year.two.aspx#Media_Literacy__RFHF_Years_2___3_

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