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Hello! Earlier today all public library directors received the following email from the State Librarian, MaryKay Dahlgreen, regarding early learning hubs. As I mentioned in my email on July 18th<http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/pipermail/kids-lib/attachments/20130718/d40f6749/attachment.html>, talk with the people in your local early childhood coalition to find out what is going on in your community/region and how your library can get involved.

I will be attending the technical assistance webinars and summit in order to provide libraries with better assistance as your communities/regions apply to become hubs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Dear Directors:
Below you will find a letter about the Early Learning Hubs that we have been discussing for the better part of two years. There are also a number of attachments. This information has been distributed widely around the state.  I know that a number of you are already very involved in early learning in your local community and have been discussion the possibilities with your colleagues. If you haven’t been in conversation with your early learning community I would suggest that now is the time to participate in the discussion.
Katie Anderson is following the progress of this very carefully and can provide you information if necessary. I know that she has also been communicating with the youth services librarians and I wanted to make sure that you directors are “in the loop” so we can take advantage of this important opportunity to participate in making sure every child in Oregon starts school ready to learn.

Dear Early Learning Supporter,
In 2011 Governor Kitzhaber shared his vision for an Oregon that prioritizes early learning to ensure that children arrive at kindergarten prepared to succeed.
At a time when across the state 40% of our young children live in poverty, when in some jurisdictions that number is closer to 80%, and when 1 in 4 children show up at kindergarten unprepared to learn,  acting on this vision is critical for our state’s future.
For the past two and half years we have all worked tirelessly to design a path for achieving that goal. Out of that work emerged a vision for a cohesive early learning system where communities would collaborate, design their own strategies for delivering early childhood services, and ultimately share collective responsibility for the same outcomes across the state.
With the recent passage of House Bill 2013, the last piece of the framework was put into place. We now have the funding and the statutory guidance we need to make this vision a reality.
Later this summer the Early Learning Council will release a Request for Applications for communities interested in applying to become Early Learning Hubs. Between now and then, we are releasing the attached letter of community interest, timeline, and self-readiness assessment tools to aid communities in their planning efforts. This letter should be signed by a representative from each sector – early education, health, social/human services, K-12, and business - participating in a potential Early Learning Hub Application.
Completion of the letter of community interest is optional and non-binding, but we encourage anyone thinking of applying to become an Early Learning Hub to complete the attached six question letter and return it by July 31. Doing so allows the Council to better plan for technical assistance and will allow communities across Oregon to better understand who is coming to the table.
To accompany the letter of interest, we are also releasing a community self-readiness assessment and a provider readiness assessment that we hope will serve as useful tools for communities as they think about Early Learning strategies. In addition the Early Learning Division is planning a series of technical assistance webinars and a statewide summit to support future Early Learning Hub applicants. Please go here<http://oregonearlylearning.com/other-priorities/community-based-coordinators-of-early-learning-services-hubs/technical-assistance-resources-tools-information/> to register.
Thank you all for your interest and leadership on behalf of our youngest Oregonians.
Jada Rupley                                                   Pam Curtis
Early Learning System Director                    Early Learning Council Chair

MaryKay Dahlgreen
State Librarian
Oregon State Library
marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us

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