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Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
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The annual Oregon Afterschool Conference is coming up on November 8-9, 2014. There seem to be a lot more sessions that may apply to your work in libraries this year (see below). Learn more and register online at: http://www.oregonask.org/.

Who Wants to Give You Money? - Susan Howlett, National Girls Collaborative
Discover 20 sources of sustainable funding you may not have approached before, and learn how easy it is to keep them supporting you year after year. You'll leave with clearly identified prospects, and the specific things they want, all of which are blessedly simple to deliver. This interactive session promises illuminating stories, hands-on examples, immediate application to your own organization, and chocolate!

Linking Philosophy and Activities Through Outcomes - Tammy Marino, OregonASK Consultant
Let's start at outcomes! What do you want the children and youth in your program to be able to know or do? How does your program philosophy and activities reinforce this?  What are outcomes? Outcomes are different than outputs, or the activities that you do to accomplish your outcomes.  In this session we will untangle outcomes from activities and discuss ways to integrate these two concepts with the philosophy of your program! CKC: Set One PM

Integrating Arts with Literacy - Leilani Larsen Esping, Consultant
How do you make a book come alive....integrate it with art!  This interactive session will include hands on activities such as Harold's Purple Crayon, Ish...and other fantastic literature/art activities.  You will discover fun, adventure, art and literacy and creative ways to infuse them into your curriculum! CKC: Set Two (Pending) LEC

Making Homework Work in Afterschool - Leilani Larsen Esping, Consultant
Does the thought of homework after school make you groan? Create an inviting and engaging homework environment that is responsive to individual student needs, encourages communication between teachers, parents, students, and staff and promotes effective learning habits. We will discuss strategies for lightening the homework load with a special focus on literacy and math. CKC: Set Two LEC

Engaging Families Leads to Success for All - Mia Jackson, Foundation for Family Science & Engineering
There are powerful benefits to engaging parents as active participants in their child's educational experiences. However, implementing effective family engagement efforts can be a challenge in the afterschool program setting. Learn about research-based strategies and discover effective resources that can help you increase parent involvement in your program and encourage and support families to get engaged and stay engaged in their child's education. CKC: Set One LEC

Getting your Hands On, Arms and Mind Around STEM! - Jo Oshiro, OPAS
What is STEM? What is scientific inquiry? Why should I learn about engineering? New to STEM and looking for answers? Join our STEM experts in an engaging session that will introduce you to science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) concepts and how to foster it in your program. CKC: Set One LEC

Increasing STEM Engagement for Girls: Strategies & Resources - Nimisha Ghosh Roy, Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Project
Explore a variety of national programs and strategies effectively engaging girls in fun, inspiring STEM activities across multiple disciplines and settings. Learn about resources, engage in hands-on activities and experience curricula from the National Girls Collaborative Project, SciGirlsTM and The FabFems Project. Leave with professional development tools and opportunities for your staff as well as ready-to-implement strategies and curricula.

SciGirls(r)Live Healthy: Hands-On Activities to Engage Girls in STEM - Nimisha Ghosh Roy, Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Project
Learn the latest research for exciting and engaging girls (and boys) in STEM; experience hands-on STEM activities focusing on health and nutrition; and gain access to free materials for hands-on, video-enhanced activities that put a creative twist on teaching STEM. Leave with ready-to-implement strategies and curricula integrating inquiry-based science instruction with a commitment to gender equity, based on the PBS television series, SciGirlsTM.  CKC: Set One LEC

Traveling Circuits Teaching Computer Science Without Fear/Makerspace - Kiki Prottsman, Thinkersmith & Makerspace
Traveling Circuits is an innovative new curriculum that allows any instructor to teach the basics of computer science and computational thinking without the need for advanced preparation and intimidating assignments. Using games, and arts & crafts, instructors will get a hands on lesson in computer science foundations such as variables, functions, programs and algorithms. CKC: Set One LEC

Philosophy of Engagement - Ian Mouser, My Voice Music
What does it take to create experiences that engage youth in meaningful ways?  What skills do older teens possess that we are not leveraging or challenging as program leaders?  During this session participants will be asked to accomplish hands on tasks as a group that simulate an after-school music group experience as we try to answer these questions. CKC: LEC Set One

Set Your Board on Fire - Susan Howlett, National Girls Collaborative
You need your board to be strategic governors, compelling ambassadors, and powerful fundraisers, but they're not all stepping up to those roles on your behalf.  Find out what's in their way, and how to remove the barriers that are keeping them from optimal leadership.  You'll leave this interactive session with practical, no-cost solutions to problems that have plagued you for years! CKC: Set One PM

Get Your Lips Smackin' Over These Snackins - Dustin Melton & Chris Bosak, ODE-Child Nutition Program & Crista Hawkins, Oregon Dairy Council
Participants will learn how to create healthy, kid-friendly snacks in the Afterschool environment. The presentation will focus on the nutritional differences within each food group, how to spice up the traditional snacks served in Afterschool programs, and a review of fun, interactive nutrition resources. CKC: Set Two (Pending) HSN

Successful Environmental Service Learning Projects - Quinton Bauer, SOLVE
Are you looking for ways to energize your curriculum? Are you interested in Service Learning as a teaching and learning stategy? Do you aspire to make more connections between your classroom and the field? SOLVE staff will provide an overview of environmental service-learning, ideas for and examples of partnerships with local community resources, and examples of service-learning instructional strategies. CKC: Set One LEC

Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
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September 22-28, 2013
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