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Hi Korie,

I surprised myself by coming up with lots of ideas!

*       Salem Chamber Orchestra used to do an "Instrument Petting Zoo" at its annual children's concert. Most of the performers had old instruments that they didn't mind letting the kids play with to get a feel for each of the different instruments. I'm not sure if that would work for your group, but SCO always enjoyed it.
*       Another activity I like is a "playalong." Music Together uses this activity in their classes, and I transplanted it to my baby/toddler storytimes. Basically, you give all of the kids egg shakers/rhythm instruments and let them play them however they want during an upbeat song. It's a good way for the little ones to practice making choices and sharing, and the big kids can work on developing the ability to keep a steady beat. It's kind of chaotic but really, really fun.
*       You can also do different activities with the performers where the kids learn about loud/soft (dynamics!) and high/low (pitch!).
*       Some instruments are known as having certain qualities or being like certain animals (e.g. the oboe is a duck), so you could have the performers provide sound bites to supplement a story or you could ask the older kids to describe or draw what the instrument sounds like to them.
*       You could do sing-alongs with nursery rhymes/children's songs or play Name That Tune.

I hope this helps!

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Hi all,
I'm planning to offer a hands-on learning experience and storytime with members of our community band. Has anyone done something like this before and would you be willing to share your ideas? I'm looking at doing this with 1-2 year olds and with 3-6 year olds.

Thanks for your help!

Korie Buerkle
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