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Thanks Jen for all these excellent ideas and Katie for spreading the word.

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My colleague, Jen Maurer, just sent out the following email to school librarians with some great programming suggestions for Oregon Reads 2014 that might work for your public library too!


I was glad that my colleague, Katie Anderson, recently clarified that Oregon Reads 2014 is for children and teens, too.

As a reminder, Oregon Reads 2014<http://oregonreads2014.com/> is a yearlong reading engagement program commemorating the centennial of Oregon’s most celebrated poet, William Stafford. Six books<http://oregonreads2014.com/selections.htm> by or about Stafford are featured, including a recently-published picture book based on a Big Foot poem plus a short story about young love and a poetry collection for middle school and up.

Many libraries across Oregon have events<http://www.williamstaffordarchives.org/events/> planned. What is your library or school doing to involve students in this statewide effort? Here are some ideas:

Everyone Out Here Knows: A Big Foot Tale

·         Read and discuss the book with students during library storytime. (Hey, folks, this doesn’t have to be difficult!) ;-)

·         Literature tie-in => Use the story to kick off or extend a study about Oregon authors or about folklore legends and tall tales.

·         Art tie-in => First read the book without showing the illustrations; have students create (draw, paint, computer generate) an illustration or two that depicts how they pictured scenes; work with an art teacher, if possible.

·         Common Core tie-in => Pair the book with an informational text or two about Bigfoot; discuss or document the evidence that scientists use to question or refute BF’s existence versus that which Sasquatch spotters use to back up their sightings.

The Osage Orange Tree

·         Read and discuss the short story with students during library time. (See note after first bullet above.) ;-)

·         Poetry tie-in => After hearing and independently reading the story, have students communicate the plot and spirit of the story through poems that they write; in other words, rewrite the story as a poem; could study some Stafford poems prior.

·         Art tie-in => First read the book without showing the illustrations; have students create (draw, paint, computer generate) an illustration or two that depicts how they pictured scenes. Or, have students experiment with woodcut or linocut-esque illustrations after seeing those Dennis Cunningham created for the story; ideally, collaborate with an art teacher.

·         Common Core tie-in => Before or after reading the story, have students do a bit of research about Osage orange trees; with what they learn about the tree (very hard wood, thorns, produces fruit but too bitter to eat, etc.), have students point to evidence to support their argument of what the tree might symbolize in the story.

Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems

·         Read and discuss several poems from the book.

·         National Poetry Month tie-in => Before or after reading select poems in class, listen to audio clips of Stafford reading his poetry; discuss how that does or does not affect students’ interpretation of the poems.

·         National Poetry Month tie-in => Have students host a Stafford event for parents and the community in which they recite his poetry, give background information about the author and his work, and invite the audience to write down a poem (from any poet; have many poetry collections available) to share on Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 24th); team up with PTA?

·         Social studies tie-in => Collaborate with a history teacher to relate Stafford’s stance as a conscientious objector to a study about war.

Check out these resources<http://oregonreads2014.com/resources.htm> for other ideas. Please encourage participation, whether in an activity you plan or one at an area library, museum, or bookstore.

Middle and high school library staff, don’t forget that you can apply to receive a set of 10 copies of The Osage Orange Tree for your library. Applications are due March 7th. See attached for details.



Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
jennifer.maurer at state.or.us<mailto:jennifer.maurer at state.or.us>

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Subject: [oasl-all] Oregon Reads 2014 is for children and teens too!

Hello youth services library staff! I just got a great question that I thought many of you may be interested in knowing the answer:

Q: For the Oregon Reads 2014, are there specific dates for the program?  It there something selected for kids to read?

A1: No, there aren’t specific dates—anytime throughout the year 2014.

A2: Yes, there are youth titles! Everyone Out Here Knows is a picture book appropriate for children, The Osage Orange Tree is graphic literature appropriate for teens, and Ask Me is also appropriate for teens—perhaps good material for a poetry slam! Find some resources for planning and implementing Oregon Reads 2014 on the website: http://oregonreads2014.com/.


Everyone Out Here Knows: A Big Foot Tale (available 10/15/13)
by William Stafford, illustrations by Angelina Marino-Heidel
Arnica Creative Services<http://www.ideasbyacs.com/#%21bookstore/productsstackergallery4g5=2>, $15 hardback, $9 paperback, $15 Spanish/English hardback

"Bill Stafford’s poem and Angelina Marino-Heidel’s riveting, color-laden art tell an irresistible story. These vibrant pages invite young readers and listeners into the deep and ageless mysteries of Big Foot’s wilderness world."
— Paulann Petersen


The Osage Orange Tree, A Story by William Stafford (available late 2013)
by William Stafford, illustrations by Dennis Cunningham
Trinity University Press, $14.95 on Amazon.com<http://www.amazon.com/The-Osage-Orange-Tree-Stafford/dp/1595341846>

"William Stafford may not have written many stories in his life, favoring poems and essays, but The Osage Orange Tree, this rare example, rings with the stark perfection of a master’s love and care."
— Naomi Shihab Nye


Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems (available late 2013)
by William Stafford, edited with an introduction by Kim Stafford
Graywolf Press<https://www.graywolfpress.org/books/ask-me>, $16 paperback

“These are verses gathered from the mountain of Stafford, poems that resound from one generation to another; they are poems of welcome and invitation, poems that expand our field of vision; they are wisdom poems, hard-earned poems, poems in conversation with loss and memory at a personal and global level."
— Brian Turner

Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
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Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>, 503-378-2528

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