[kids-lib] CSLP Summer Reading PSA Updates

Rick Samuelson ricks at wccls.org
Wed May 7 08:59:08 PDT 2014

Hi gang,

Sorry about spamming your inboxes the past couple of weeks.  I have an update about accessing the Collaborative Summer Library Program's PSAs online:

We have just learned that the links on the CSLP to the extended versions of the PSA are not working. A new link has been created and is included below. Please give us a few days to get the link corrected on the website and feel free to share this link with librarians who need it in the meantime. The "Extended Edit" version of the PSA is a version that is longer than the others adding room for libraries to add their custom information. Again those files are now located at:

Also, I have been working on a tip sheet for librarians to help answer most questions about downloading the PSA. As soon as that tip sheet is reviewed by the filmmaker it will be sent out on the State Reps list.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!
Charlotte Johnston
CSLP - Marketing & PR Committee Chair

I have attached the referenced tip sheet.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes!

All Oregon public, volunteer, and tribal libraries are members of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), and receive a free summer reading manual. To get the most out of your membership, create an account on the CSLP website (http://www.cslpreads.org/) and you will be able to access additional summer reading resources. CSLP membership dues and manual fees are paid for by the State Library with LSTA funds. Summer reading manuals are distributed by OLA's Children's Services Division, and both CSD and OYAN members represent you on CSLP committees and at the CSLP annual meeting.
For more information contact one of your CSLP representatives:

  *   Rick Samuelson, CSD Summer Reading Chair: ricks at wccls.org<mailto:ricks at wccls.org>
  *   Danielle Jones, CSD Summer Reading Incoming Chair: jones.danielle.jones at gmail.com<mailto:jones.danielle.jones at gmail.com>
  *   Abbie Anderson, OYAN CSLP Chair: aanderson at cclsd.org<mailto:aanderson at cclsd.org>
  *   Katie Anderson, CSLP Oregon State Representative: katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>
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