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The following email is a great suggestion that was shared on the ALA's Association for Library Services to Children yesterday and I thought many of you would like it too!

Hello one and all, Please excuse cross postings.

I wanted to pass on a tip I got from a librarian in Minnesota when I was presenting workshops there. For those of you who include early literacy asides/parent tips in your storytimes, you might like her approach:  She came up with a phrase which makes the tip quite conversational and not condescending in feel. She says, "When we [activity or practice]. . . , we . . .[connection to literacy] "

So for example, "When we point out rhyming words, then we are helping our children hear the smaller sounds in words which will help them later sound out words." Or, "When we talk about the different meanings of one word, we help develop their vocabulary which increasing their understanding or comprehension." Or "When we run a finger under the words in the title of a book, we draw the children's attention to the print which will help the focus on the text when they are learning to read." Hope this may be of help as we share early literacy information with the adults.

I know we are always looking for ways to make it easier to share early literacy information with parents and caregivers, so I thought I would pass this along.


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