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Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
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Hi! Attached is the list of 141 elementary school sites eligible to participate in the Summer Learning, Summer Library, Summer Lunch (SL3)<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/youthsvcs/oregon.srp.certificate.aspx#Summer_Learning,_Library,_Lunch_%28SL3%29> program this summer. OregonASK estimates that about 50 of these schools will actually participate in SL3 this summer. Schools on this list have about 50% or more students eligible for the free or reduced lunch program, and about 40% or more students reading below grade level at 3rd Grade.

Schools participating in SL3 are required to contact their local public library to ask if you're able to partner with them to provide the summer reading program to youth at their SL3 site.
Partnering with SL3 sites can be as simple as providing them with your summer reading logs and program information. This will allow SL3 site staff help kids with their reading and filling out your summer reading log, but kids would have to come to your library to get incentives. However, I highly encourage you to do at least one program or activity at the SL3 site so kids get to meet you and experience a library program. This may be just what some kids need to make them feel comfortable visiting your library-they may just need to know who will be there and what to expect during programs to take that first step into your library. I also encourage you to think about distributing incentives at SL3 sites because many of these kids can't walk or ride the bus to your library and their parents can't take them for a variety of reasons.

If you can't partner with an SL3 site, then the State Library will provide them reading logs, book lists, and some activity ideas from the summer reading manual.

What can you do?

*         Be pro-active. Contact the schools on this list that are in your service now and start a conversation with them about partnering on summer reading for their students. Even if the school doesn't become an SL3 site, they have a significant number of underserved students who can benefit most from the summer reading program.

*         Plan ahead. Estimate how many more reading logs and other materials you distribute when kids sign-up for your summer reading program you many need if you partner with the schools on this list in your services and print extras. The total student body of the school is included on this spreadsheet. This is an allowable Ready to Read cost.

*         Don't sweat it. If your library doesn't have the capacity to partner with the schools on this list that are in your services, don't worry about it. The State Library will provide them with the bare essentially so SL3 sites can provide the summer reading program. Kids at SL3 sites will still have access to books and support for their reading over the summer.

*         Don't feel left out. Don't have a school in your service area on this list, but like the idea of using 3rd grade reading scores and free or reduced lunch data to identify which schools in your area to partner with? You can find this data for all schools here: http://schools.oregonlive.com/search/.

Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

Katie Anderson, Library Support and Development Services<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/pages/index.aspx>
* Youth Services Consultant * Oregon Center for the Book Coordinator *
Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>, 503-378-2528

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