[kids-lib] Copyright: How confident are you in making fair use decisions?

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My colleague Jen just sent the following email out on the listserv for school libraries, but I thought some of you may be concerned about/interested in copyright and fair use too.

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Last week was Fair Use Week<http://fairuseweek.org/about/>. How confident are you in making fair use decisions? Or to put it another way, how confident are you deciding when others and you can legally ignore copyright? ;) Try this fair use quiz<http://libraries.mit.edu/files/ospcl/fair-use-quiz/> from MIT Libraries<http://libraries.mit.edu/news/libraries-release/17608/>. I think it is also appropriate for high school students.

Need to brush up on your understanding of copyright and fair use? There are many resources online, and the State Library has several good books on the topics<http://osl-lis.blogspot.com/search/label/copyright>.


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