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I received the inquiry below from someone in another state agency, and while I have some ideas for the person, I'm sure I have holes in my knowledge. Any ideas about good book recommendation tools or options that you could share directly with me would be great, even if they don't directly answer the question that was posed. I can compile the list and share with the listserv.


I use Netflix quite a bit. I’ve rated about 1000 films and television shows on a 1-5 scale indicating my interest in each. When Netflix says I will like a movie or television show, it is absolutely correct. I see films that other rated as a 2 or 3 but Netflix thinks I will rate as a 4.5 or higher. I always really enjoy them even though many I have never heard of before the recommendation.

All that to set up the question, is there something similar for books for juvenile readers? This is prompted by an article on a blog of The Washington Post suggesting that 91% of readers prefer books they’ve chosen. Unfortunately, my daughter at 13 is having trouble selecting books for herself. It would be nice if there were a place to go, rate some titles to indicate preferences, and get a list of books the reader might find interesting.
(Article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2015/03/09/how-to-get-kids-to-read-independently/)


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