[kids-lib] Save the Date => Nov. 2nd LearningExpress Library Webinar on Current & New Content for 4th-6th Graders

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Tue Oct 20 09:12:20 PDT 2015

Forwarded on behalf of Jen Maurer. Please keep in mind that the following resources are for students in 4th- 6th Grade and older.


Hi. If you read the October OASL newsletter<http://oregonlibrarylady.org/category/topics/oregon-state-library/> or LTLO<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LTLO/LTLOOct2015/Oct2015LTLO.html>, the State Library's newsletter, then you know that when our statewide LearningExpress Library contract gets renewed on November 1st, two additional resources will appear: Job & Career Accelerator and Computer and Internet Basics.

Through Job & Career Accelerator, students and other users can explore occupations, learn how to write a resume, get interview tips, and more. Review this PDF<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/technology/sdlp/learningexpress/LEL3.0_JobCareerAccelerator_lowres.pdf> for further information.

Computer and Internet Basics adds 18 video tutorials for older students or adults on everything from personal computer fundamentals to protecting yourself online. Currently, there is a LearningExpress Library center called Popular Software Tutorials. Next month, that name will change to Computer Skills, and the new center will include all current and new computer-oriented tutorials. Consult this PDF<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/technology/sdlp/learningexpress/LEL3.0_Computerand%20InternetBasics_highres.pdf> to learn more about the new module.

Because of the new content, we asked a LearningExpress trainer to offer a webinar just for Oregon library and school staff. It will be on Monday, November 2nd from 3:00 to 4:00 pm Pacific. Participation is free, but you need to register in advance<https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/3118276917797187330>. The goal is to record the session and make it available online. Watch for an announcement.

Of course, you are always welcome to participate in LearningExpress' national webinars<https://attendee.gototraining.com/2mj37/catalog/109496505?tz=America/Los_Angeles> or to explore the short video guides<http://www.learningexpresshub.com/productengine/LELIndex.html#/learningexpresslibrary/two/video-guides/welcome> available from the toolbar within LearningExpress Library.

If you have questions, please ask.


OASL newsletter: http://oregonlibrarylady.org/category/topics/oregon-state-library/
LTLO: http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LTLO/LTLOOct2015/Oct2015LTLO.html
Job & Career Accelerator PDF: www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/technology/sdlp/learningexpress/LEL3.0_JobCareerAccelerator_lowres.pdf<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/technology/sdlp/learningexpress/LEL3.0_JobCareerAccelerator_lowres.pdf>
Computer and Internet Basics PDF: http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/technology/sdlp/learningexpress/LEL3.0_Computerand%20InternetBasics_highres.pdf
Register for the Oregon webinar: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/3118276917797187330
National webinar calendar: https://attendee.gototraining.com/2mj37/catalog/109496505?tz=America/Los_Angeles
Video guides: http://www.learningexpresshub.com/productengine/LELIndex.html#/learningexpresslibrary/two/video-guides/welcome

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